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Redesign your website: The top 5 reasons

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It’s been some time and you’re thinking about redesigning your website, but you don’t know if it’s quite the right time, or how to go about doing it? You know you’re going to invest time and certainly some money to redesign it correctly, right? This post will show you the top 5 reasons to redesign your website to help motivate you and guide your success. 

Redesign your website when it is “too old”

Let’s say it from the beginning: a website, like everything, gets old. With the continuous arrival of new technology and new trends, you must make sure to upkeep your site and make changes every 3 to 5 years if you want to stay up to date. That being said, some companies work very well even if their site has not been updated for years. Redesigning your website is a lot like rearranging your apartment. Your current furniture fulfill their purpose but you get just tired of them and you want a bit of a change.

From a marketing point of view, it is undeniable that having a modern website will create a more professional image for your customers to see and your brand will surely improve. Redesigning your website is certainly a good investment to make when performing a global optimization (design, functionality, performance, SEO etc.).

Redesign your website when it is not “responsive”

If your website is not responsive, that is to say adapted to mobile devices, you don’t even need to ask the question of if a redesign is necessary: just do it! When I say adapted for mobile websites, I do not mean that your site is not accessible from a phone or tablet. Indeed, all websites are accessible from a tablet or phone (there are not two types of “Internet”). What I mean is that the design of your website must adapt depending on the screen resolution for mobile visitors.

Here is a sample of a site that is not suitable for mobile devices:

refonte-site-webYou see above what people visiting the site with an iPhone 6 see. As you can see, the text is not very visible and the menu even less so. You would need to zoom-in to some parts just to read the content; this is not at all optimal. You should know that this criterion (optimization for mobile devices) is among the criteria considered by Google when they decide your SEO ranking on their search results! So it’s in the best interest of your website to support mobile usage.

Here’s the My Little Big mobile website version for the iPhone 6:



Since mobile traffic has exceeded computer traffic, it has become essential for any company wishing to continue to drive traffic to their website to optimize it for mobile usage. This will allow you to not only attract more users to your website but also to keep users and even to convert them.

To find out if your site is suitable for mobile devices, it is very simple:

Go to your website and right click then “inspect”, then you’ll see the source code of your website appear on the right of your screen.


conception-refonte-site-webThen choose the resolution and device type you want to check:


creation-refonte-webYou will see what users see when using these devices when they visit your site. This also allows you to test your site when change it, allowing you to test different screen resolutions.

Redesign your website when you are not in full control

Here’s my one of the largest ills of web industry’s: the fact that some site owners do not have full control of their own website. I know I’m not going to make many friends by writing this but it is assumed: it is not normal to be unable to autonomously update your site by yourself! I know that some agencies make their livelihood this way, but you should definitely and completely hold the keys to your site. Otherwise, it’s like buying a home but having to ask the carpenter to change the wall colors (at a price course) while you’re fully able to do it yourself!

So, you will unnecessary spend money to update your site through third parties that created it, when it would take you less time (and money) to do it yourself. Some good advice: always ask website builders for the name of the software used to build your site and make sure that the platform is known and stable (like WordPress or Magento for example).

Redesign your website when you want it to evolve

Your website should evolve along with your business. This means that if you carry out major changes in your company (new product, new marketing strategy, new target customer etc.), your site must convey this change.

Again, it is important when you redesign your website that it may be changed easily, so that you don’t have to start from 0 every time your business has a major change. Make sure to change web designer if you feel the need so as to not be chained to them in case anything any major changes happen to your business.

Redesign your website when it has become too complicated

Often when a site has many changes, the structure it was built on is not necessarily suitable and it gives the impression of being disorderly. The worst thing that can happen to a website is to offer a bad experience for its users. Indeed, this will influence not only the number of visitors to your site, but the average time they will spend on your site and especially your conversion rate!

It is therefore very important to conduct regular audits of your site’s user experience to ensure that it prioritizes many important items you present to your audience. The keyword here is “easy navigation”. For this, feel free to seek out help from an expert in user experience (like us J) to ensure that your best practices are being implemented.


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