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Rich snippets, data that will boost your web traffic!

Always in search of perfection, Google undertakes new developments every day on their search engine, focusing more and more on the user experience of its visitors. It is with this thought that rich snippets have appeared on search results pages, with the aim to bring Internet users the information they need so much faster. This advantage is also true for web domain owners since these rich snippets help give more relevance to website information and can increase click through rates.

Rich snippets, data that really wants to help you

Rich snippets are the result of the creation of structured data in the composition of a website. As we mentioned in a previous article, structured data function as a human-Google translator to find out information such as name of company, address, reviews, etc. By understanding this information, Google can display additional information in the search results and provide more precise answers in relation to the various requests made by users. When used well, rich snippets can bring greater visibility in search results and significantly increase traffic to your site.

The different types of rich snippets

Among the different variants of existing rich snippets on the web, we can find:

  • Google My Company files, which allow users to view different information about a company.
  • Supplemental information on popular articles on the web, like publication date as well as date of last modification.
  • Information about the opening and closing times of a store, about movie times, or about recently released album titles.
  • Stars reviews published by Internet users on the price of products sold by online stores.

And this is only a small (non-exhaustive) list of existing rich snippets; they bring a lot of specific information allowing users to quickly resolve the questions they have.

Too much information is over kill, the hiccups of rich snippets

As mentioned above, rich snippets bring a lot of information to Internet users and search results often respond so well to the query that users no longer have to go through your site to get the answer to their question. So why use them, you ask me? My simple answer is that if you do not, others will. We must respect the evolution of Google.

Rich snippets and SEO

Well, Google is not very clear about SEO’s place in all of this; it has still not clarified the impact that rich snippets have on the SEO of a website. And it is still difficult to say if they play a major role in it.

What is certain is that the rich snippets can dramatically increase the click through rate on a search result. As we all know, increasing the click through rate on a search result can indicate Google relevancy of our content. And the more traffic on our pages, the more your SEO may improve. The use of rich snippets is a very good way to increase your traffic and one of the best ways to gain more visibility in the search results.

Rich snippets and data in the coming years

Day after day, we are all dealing with a search engine that has a more and more important intellect; this is how Google undertakes the distant desire to directly answer any questions that the Internet users pose it.

Rich snippets are bound to evolve and it is a safe bet that they will continue to grow in the landscape of the web.

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