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SMS extension: attract new customers with the new message extensions from Google AdWords

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Did you know that 2/3 of smartphone users send SMS/text messages more than five times a day to communicate? This surely doesn’t surprise you because you are perhaps one of those people who prefer to send a text message quickly instead of dialing the old-fashioned way.

As 65% of consumers said they would be willing to communicate with a company via SMS message, Google has decided to take advantage of the popularity of texting with the launch of the SMS extension: “click-to-message” on Google AdWords.

Google officially launched this new SMS extension on October 17th 2016. The message extension will be available on all AdWords ad accounts in the coming weeks.

How does the SMS extension work?


The message extension will allow users to send an SMS to businesses directly from their AdWords advertisements. So, if Internet users are in a hurry and do not have time to call the company, for example, the extension allow them to contact a person according to their availability.

By clicking on the message extension, users will be able to send a pre-pop-up SMS quickly such as: “Hello, I am interested in booking a room in your hotel. Thank you for contacting me.”

click-to-message-adSource photo :

How to set up the SMS message extension on Google AdWords?

The SMS extension will soon be available on Google AdWords in the ad extensions tab on your account, if they are not already. If this is not yet the case, don’t worry, you will be able to access the SMS extension in the next few weeks.

The extension can be set on each campaign you run and several different extensions can be created.

When looking to create a new SMS extension, the following window will appear:


The following fields must be filled out to complete the creation of the SMS extension:

  • Company name (25 characters)
  • Phone Number: Select a mobile phone number
  • Extension title (35 characters): The title of the extension is the first item that users will see on your ad when they send you a message. This is why it is important to use a clear title such as: “Send us a text”, “Contact us by text message”, so that users quickly understand that they can send you a message via their mobile phone by clicking on your title.
  • Extension message (100 characters): This is where your pre-filled message should be entered. Choose a clear message that can easily begin a conversation with the person who will receive your message. The following messages can be used depending on your field of business: “Hello, I would like to make a reservation”, “Hello, thank you for calling me at 4pm”.




Tips to start with SMS extensions

SMS extensions can become a real asset for your Google AdWords ads. However, it is important to take some precautions before you start using this type of extension.

Choose a good telephone number

You should choose a mobile phone number that is used by your company on a daily basis. It is important that if an SMS is received, a reply should be sent within the minutes that follow so that users see the speed and response rate of your business.

Creating different SMS message extensions

If your company offers several services, you may want to think about creating different message extensions depending on your services. For example, if you offer auto repair services, as well as tire change services, feel free to create at least 2 different SMS extensions.

The employee who will receive the message will know exactly what service the person is looking for.

Programme SMS extensions


One of the main benefits of the SMS extension on Google AdWords is the instantaneous communication between a potential customer and a company. Thus, if your company is closed during certain hours, it is recommended not to activate this extension during this time.

The programming of SMS extensions can be set up in the advanced extension settings, as shown in the screenshot above.


Thanks to the new SMS extension, the business TravelPass reported a 41% higher conversion rate compared to other ad extensions on Google AdWords. TravelPass has thereby ensured that their agents are able to respond to requests more effectively.

The new SMS extension can attract new customers and generate more sales for companies. However, it is important to note that Google currently does not allow us to track messages received via SMS extensions.

Even if the number of clicks on the extension can be obtained on your AdWords account by clicking on “Segment” and “Click type”, it is not possible to know if an SMS was later sent.


Advertisers must therefore find a way to follow these messages. It is possible to create a special tracking number in order to track if the phone number was used, for example.

SMS extensions are one of the latest additions to Google AdWords that helps promote communication between businesses and potential customers. Do not hesitate to test this extension on your advertising accounts!

Do not hesitate to contact us at 514 572 7758 or via our contact form if you wish to speak with an expert who will answer all your questions.


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