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Stop spam bot visits on your Google Analytics account

Have you ever noticed unusual visits on your website? Whether your site is new or has a long history, it can still be affected by spam visits.

How to recognize spam bot visits?

Spam visits arise due to reference sites. These reference sites are sites that send you visits from robots.

So, by analyzing the data in the Acquisition – Presentations – All Traffic – Referring Site section of your Google Analytics account, you can find the sites that bring you false traffic. A number of sites are known to bring traffic coming from robots.



Another thing that may cause alarm: the origin of these visits.

Many of these sites are located in Russia. In the case of visits coming from fake bots, it is common to see that a large percentage of visitors come from Russia or other countries that normally do not visit your site. Once you detect this anomaly, you should directly go to the referring traffic and look for a site that brings you many visits from the previously identified country. For this:

Go to the “referring sites” section as explained above; add a secondary country dimension (secondary dimension – Users – Countries).


Here is an example of results:


On this site, we see that 37% of visits come from located in Russia and that the average duration of their sessions is 7 seconds; whereas the average duration of a session is normally 2 Minutes and 15 seconds. These elements should raise a red flag!

Why is it important not to take these spam bot visits into account?

These visits are not dangerous for your site. They will not install any malicious software on your site or on your visitors’ computer, but they will lower your site’s overall statistics. These are ghost visits that leave a trace of their passage on your site but will never convert into sales, contact you, or make other conversions that might interest you.

In the event that you want to sell your site or present results for any reason whatsoever, you need to have the most faithful visits possible. Even if these referring sites bring you visits, these visits are not qualified because they increase your bounce rate and decrease the average duration of sessions on your site.

How to exclude spam bot visits from your statistics?

To exclude these spam bot visits to your site, you need to add a filter to your Google Analytics account:

  • Go to your Google Analytics account administration tab
  • Click Filters
  • Name the filter (usually the name of the site you want to exclude)
  • Choose “Custom Filter Type”
  • Choose “Exclude”
  • Choose “Filter fields: Referring sites”
  • In filter rules: put the name of the site
  • Then apply the filter to all views



This method will help you remove any future problems/interference with your statistics. However, be aware that this filter does not work retroactively and that you will always see them in your statistics on the dates prior to the date on which you set up the filter.

Do you have a problem with spam bot visits? Do not hesitate to contact us and we can help you analyze your Google Analytics data. We can also do an analysis of your Google Analytics data in order to give you feedback on your site visits as well as on the behavior of your visitors!

Do not hesitate to contact us at 514 572 7758 or via our contact form if you wish to speak with an advisor who will answer all your questions.


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