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Submitting a guest blog post: How to succeed in submitting a guest blog post to an influential blogger

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Every SEO expert will tell you over and over: acquiring quality links via guest blog posts is one of the best ways to improve your ranking on major search engines. On top of allowing you to reach out to a wider audience than those who normally visit your blog, publishing guest posts on different blogging platforms lets you obtain a quality link on a trusted external domain.

In the eyes of Google a quality link is like a vote of confidence for your site. If you accrue high quality links on a regular basis, there is a high possibility that your site’s reputation will soar the next time Google uses its web crawlers.

Furthermore, guest blog posting on other sites allows you to attract blog traffic readership on the host blog that you’re publishing on; it also makes you known as an expert in your field.

This is what brings us to the subject of this article: the advantages of writing guest posts are well known, but how do you write content in such as way as to maximize the likelihood that another blogger agrees to publish on their website?

We have got the five best practices for writing your guest blog post.

1) Study the content already posted on the blog that you want to write for

It’s pretty simple; bloggers are invested in writing content to give web users something they want to see on the web. Therefore, all of the previously published articles on the blog that you want to write for are inexhaustible sources of information to base the writing of your guest post on.

By taking into account the content already published by a blogger, you can see their vision, their ideals, and their values to thus offer them content that will nest well with the medley of articles that already make up their blog. It’s clear that a blogger isn’t going to publish your guest post if they have the impression that it adds nothing new to the readers in terms of value.

Additionally, you should avoid writing on a subject that has already been touched upon in a previous blog post. You should try to find the angle under which you want to present your article to the host blogger you’re targeting.

2) Integrate links to other articles found on the host blog

Like we have already stated – links are often the most valuable bargaining chips for bloggers and website administrators. It’s therefore not surprising to learn that integrating links to other posts on the host blog is one of the best practices in writing guest posts on the web.

This is in addition, an excellent way to add value to your blog post proposal. More than simply offering pertinent content to the host blog, you are offering the blogger (who is also the administrator), the opportunity to generate web traffic to other posts on their site via the internal linkage network.

3) Clean up the writing quality of the guest blog post

After making the first contact with the blogger in charge of the host site you’re interested in writing for, the ball is in your court to propose content that they simply cannot refuse. Hence the crucial importance of ensuring that your guest post’s content does not contain any spelling mistakes, typos or false/inadequate information. Your goal is to send the blog you’re interested in a post that is 100% ready for immediate publication.

Also, don’t fall for the trap of keeping your best content for your own blog. If it’s true that the host blog benefits largely from the special content written by your hands, publishing guest blog posts is equally a great way to reach a new audience and to build your e-reputation. You should consider each post you write as another brush stroke on the large canvas that the World Wide Web community will judge you by.

4) Submit a guest post to other blogs that share a connection with the themes of your own blog

This may seem obvious, but it’s not uncommon to see avid bloggers aiming to write for host blogs with excellent domain authority, even when the guest blogger shares few to no similarities with the usual profile of the host blog.

It’s a simple question of logic: if web browsers like your post they will want to know more about you. If they are regular visitors to the host blog you’re writing for, there is a big chance that they will want to add your blog to their reading list if they find similar content.

5) Get noticed before proposing a guest post to a blogger

You want to submit a guest post on this blog you’ve had your eyes on for a while? Why not get noticed by commenting on some posts, maybe writing a quick congratulatory email to the blogger that you intend to woo, or even sharing a blog post you particularly like via social media.

Chances are high that the host blogger, in knowing what pages you visit and having proof that you are a regular reader of their blog, will be more inclined to take your guest post request seriously.

Submitting a guest posts: a question of practice

Maybe in your case, the first guest blog post encouraged by a host blog will be met with failure, but it is important to never give up!

By following these simple tips, and putting in the necessary zeal and perseverance you will eventually find a client who will allow you to measure the beneficial magnitude caused by having your guest article published.


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