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Everything you need to know about dropshipping

Have you heard of dropshipping and want to learn more about it before embarking on your adventure? Often seen as the ideal solution for a budding entrepreneur, dropshipping can nevertheless

How do conversion funnels work?

The conversion funnel is one of the most frequently mentioned concepts in web marketing. And yet, despite its ubiquity, few people really understand what it is, how it works, and

What is Google Search Console used for?

While most people are quite familiar with the Google search engine, far fewer are familiar with Google Search Console (GSC). Developed by the American Internet giant itself, this tool has

How to set your goals in Google Analytics

For any website owner, knowing if and how Internet users become customers through the website is important. For example, conversion is defined as purchasing a product on an e-commerce platform

Create a website: 3 things to consider

The days are over where creating a website was all a big puzzle and where you had to have extensive knowledge in the programming and web design field to try

Google AdWords: the new era of advertising

During the past 17 years, Google has become like a friend with whom we share our lives on a daily basis, one that has contributed enormously to the so-called inter-web (or maybe the ‘Little Big Web’). Google has worked hard to become a leader in many areas thanks to a multitude of innovations that have changed our habits. Becoming such a

Program events on Google Analytics

Implementing code to schedule events in Google Analytics is more or less similar to the implementation of Google Analytics’ traditional tracking code. The goal of events on Google Analytics is

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