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What is Google Search Console used for?

While most people are quite familiar with the Google search engine, far fewer are familiar with Google Search Console (GSC). Developed by the American Internet giant itself, this tool has

10 free tools to optimize your SEO

One of the main goals of any website owner is to be well positioned on search engines. While it is true that you need to carefully monitor the progress of

Why is content still important?

You have most likely heard that content is king when it comes to web marketing. While it is not the only element to consider, it does indeed play an important

How to set your goals in Google Analytics

For any website owner, knowing if and how Internet users become customers through the website is important. For example, conversion is defined as purchasing a product on an e-commerce platform

What is search intent in SEO?

One thing to keep in mind about SEO is that Google can be cunning due to its constant development and evolution. The search engine makes changes to its algorithms several

Why are alt tags so important for your SEO?

Google’s robots have undergone many improvements in recent years, however, they still can’t understand images the way they understand writing and speech. In order to help Google better interpret these

5 strategies to boost your local SEO

Local Google search is the ability for consumers to search for results within a targeted area. For example, users looking for “Longueuil bakery” will only be offered results that are

5 mistakes to avoid in website design

For an entrepreneur seeking to promote his products, having a unique and convincing website is no longer an option. It is an effective way to attract new customers. Many small

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