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The importance of social media in a web marketing strategy for SMEs

Last update : 25 November 2020

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The importance of social network in the web marketing strategy of an SME

More than half of Facebook users have already made a purchase after consulting the profile of an SME on social networks. 64% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook subscribers are more likely to buy products from companies they follow on the Internet. SMEs have therefore all the more to gain by having a web marketing strategy because when closing its doors to social networks, it loses customers.

Above all, what is a web marketing strategy? It is all the marketing and advertising techniques implemented on the Internet. The role of a web marketing strategy is to be at the centre of everything, both of conventional tools of web marketing, social networking, of costumer loyalty and community platforms brands.

The six main reasons to adopt social networks for SMEs

Expand your customers

Developing your web marketing strategy helps you increase your visibility, and thus provide access to your products and your services to Internet users. Many customers do their research directly on Facebook or Twitter instead of going on Google, so beware of those who have no personal page on social networks!

Customer loyalty

With increased competition on the web, it is not enough having customers, you still need to know how to keep them. Focusing on social networks let you offer relevant content to your web users by regularly presenting to them links that may be of interest. For example, share offers, promotions and contests on Facebook or LinkedIn pages, or share articles from your blog on all your social networking platforms regularly. By promoting original content you will attract more people, while retaining your customers on the long-term.

Increase your domain authority

By adopting a web marketing strategy, you will attract more customers to your website. Indeed, passing through the social networks, you can create links that direct users to your website. Moreover, by sharing your content on social networks, you increase your domain authority (your ranking on Google), allowing you to move to the top of Google search results.

Provide personalized customer service

Save time with the use of social networks! Your customers do not want to wait for hours on the phone to get information. Through social networks, customers expect fast response and efficient service. Plus, having a web marketing strategy allows you to control your image; so if some users commented negatively on your SME in the “comments” section of your web page, you have the opportunity to respond. Customers also have the opportunity to grade your business, or “like” your page, which can influence future web users. Therefore, you do not suffer from your reputation online anymore, but you control it.

Bring novelty to your customers

Finally, the advantage in having a web marketing strategy is to offer innovative content to your customers quickly. Do not hesitate to ask your web users their opinion on your social network pages! You can make adjustments and provide a product perfectly suited to their needs. It is in some sort a “homemade” market study.

A lower advertising cost

Any SME boss knows that advertising is very expensive, while the use of social networks provides a direct link with your customers at a lower cost. Registering with Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google + costs nothing. So what are you waiting for? You can now get to your keyboards!


To answer the original question above, there are many reasons to adopt social media in a web marketing strategy for SMEs, such as increased visibility and customer gain.

Now that you understand why it is good to adopt social media in a web marketing strategy, discover why create a blog for your enterprise or SME on our website!

You still have questions? We will be happy to answer them! Do not hesitate to contact us by filling out a form or call us at 514 572 7758 and ask Maxence who can guide you in your choices.


Co-founder and SEO-SEM Specialist

Eugénie began her web marketing career at Microsoft with partners that included Hewlett-Packard and Dell. In 2013, she co-founded My Little Big Web with Maxence to help SMBs optimize their web marketing. Her SEO, online advertising and user experience skills help My Little Big Web's clients quickly and lastingly rank at the top of search results. Since she is committed to sharing knowledge, she teaches many internal and external workshops and gives talks on various topics related to digital marketing.

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