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Website design for Lampolite

Presentation of Lampolite

Lampolite is a family company specializing in the manufacturing of custom lamps and lampshades. Located in Montreal, they have nearly 50 years of experience in the lighting industry and today they are the Canadian leader in the manufacturing of lamps and lampshades.

Their customers are mainly hotels, restaurants, casinos and department stores in Canada and the United States.

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Lampolite has entrusted My Little Big Web with the design of their website.

Lampolite offers an unlimited choice of colors and sizes, a wide assortment of shapes and more than 500 different fabrics to choose from. Their customers can also supply their own materials in order to personalize any creations. In addition, they have the possibility of bringing in damaged or discoloured lampshades for a retouching and repair service.

The designers at Lampolite work in a building measuring more than 15,000 square feet and strive to offer high-quality products. In order to be able to satisfy all their customers, they make sure to offer very efficient services.

Lampolite has called on My Little Big Web to completely redo the design of their website. Now, their creations are highlighted on their website and you can browse through a catalog which includes photographs of their products.

The website lets you discover the standard products the company offers, but also the tailor-made products that have been made in the past. You will also find contact information on their website for Canada and the United States if you are interested.

The web developers of the Little Big Team realized the website design of the company Lampolite should be done using the WordPress platform in order to facilitate the updating of the website and the graphic and textual modifications.

Simple to use, this website has been developed to be compatible with all current browsers and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).




The website specifications approved by Lampolite and the team at My Little Big Web consisted of:

The creation, design and integration of the website.
The integration of all website content.
The optimisation of the site’s user experience.
Website development carried out on the WordPress CMS.
Development of the website using responsive design.
Multi browser navigation.




The My Little Big Web technical team developed Lamolite’s website using the following web tools and technologies:

Website coded in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, and PHP5.
WordPress’ platform was used with a 100% customised theme.
Photoshop and PhotoImpact used for graphic design purposes.
All custom website themes and modules made by MLBW.
Google Font used.
Retina screen display optimisation (for IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch & MacBook Pro Retina).
Compatible with all current Internet browsers, as well as their former updates.




Date : 2016
CMS : WordPress
Languages : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
Website :

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