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Website redesign for UsiHome

UsiHome overview

How would you like to combine quality and savings when it comes to carrying out your construction projects? This is what UsiHome, a Quebec company specializing in the production of machined wood structures, has to offer. Thanks to UsiHome’s expertise, you will save time and money on your construction project while leaving a much smaller environmental footprint than if you used steel or concrete.

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The demand for machined structural materials is steadily increasing in the Quebec and American markets. In order to take advantage of this growth, UsiHome hired the Montreal agency My Little Big Web to increase its online visibility. Our web developers and designers then worked on a website redesign.

Our team of web developers completely redesigned the UsiHome website to highlight the company’s values. Visitors can now access a detailed presentation of UsiHome and its distributors. As for products and services, the showcase site allows the user to discover the different options offered by the company.

In addition, a contact form and a quote request form were created to facilitate communication between potential clients and the professionals. Finally, our Web developers integrated a blog section into the new site, which benefits both the Internet user who can learn about UsiHome’s business and the company that can improve SEO by sharing quality content.

For the design of the new website, our experts wanted to reflect UsiHome’s interest in sustainable development. Our designers opted for green shades that evoke nature as well as yellow shades for wood. To give Internet users an idea of UsiHome’s expertise, images illustrating the work carried out by the company were also added to the new website.




The creation of a website UsiHome.
The creation, design and integration of all website content.
The optimisation of the site’s user experience.
Website development carried out on the WordPress CMS.
Development of the website using responsive design.
Multi browser navigation.




Website coded in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, and PHP5.
WordPress’ platform was used with a 100% customised theme.
Photoshop used for graphic design purposes.
All custom website themes and modules made by MLBW.
Google Font used.
Retina screen display optimisation (for IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch & MacBook Pro Retina).
Compatible with all current Internet browsers, as well as their former updates.




Date : 2018
CMS : WordPress
Technologie : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
Website :

Exemples of designs by My Little Big Web

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