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Use Google’s micro-moments for your mobile strategy

Last update : 25 November 2020

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Google’s micro-moments

Micro-moments: companies’ new battlefields

Did you know that on average, a person in Canada looks at his phone 150 times a day? Cell phones, and especially smartphones, have a prominent place in the lives of thousands of people. If you are a business owner, this data is to be considered in your marketing strategy because 79% of searches on mobile are favoured due to their ability to quickly respond to urgent requests.

A webmarketing agency such as My Little Big Web is aware that the consumer market goes well beyond computer screens. That is why we optimize each site we create for mobiles. More and more companies are aware of this, creating a major competition in this sector. Micro-moments are the new battlefields in which companies must respond quickly!

A webmarketing model for mobiles

Web marketing strategies for mobiles are challenges for companies who wish to have a good visibility with consumers. Google has launched a new marketing model called micro-moments, based on moments in the lives of consumers.

Google listed four micro-moments:

  • I want to know
  • I want to go
  • I want to do
  • I want to buy

Whether it be to find the recipe for a typical French dish (I want to know); the address of a downtown restaurant (I want to go); a place to discover butterflies in a national park (I want to); or book tickets for a show (I want to buy), we are all likely to use our phone for these searches. We all live micro-moments every day.

According to a Google report, 91% of smartphone users perform these searches on their mobile while they are in the middle of another task. Doing this research may seem trivial, but the accumulation of each of these moments is what Google calls micro-moments. These moments represent periods in which consumers make demands and for which companies need to respond almost instantly.

While 41% of mobile searches have a purpose, the challenge for businesses is to be present online during these micro-moments. Making profit from mobile advertising pairs up with the ability of brands to answer a specific request, with a clear message, at the right moment.

Be present in these micro-moments

Mobiles have completely changed the way consumers interact with content and with brands,” said Gianni Pulli, Commercial Director of Google France ( According to Google, 65% of smartphone users ensure that they give priority to the most relevant information regardless of brands. Consumers are not loyal to one brand, and these micro-moments are an opportunity to attract new customers.

Optimize your presence on mobiles during these micro-moments through three strategies:

  1. Be there: Anticipate users’ micro-moments in your field, and be ready to help when these moments arrive. Valentine’s Day is approaching and you are a florist? Help consumers by offering a variety of bouquets.
  2. Be useful: Be relevant to meet the demands of consumers, and make sure to offer the content they are looking for during micro-moments.
  3. Be quick: Smartphone users want to know, go and buy quickly and efficiently. You must provide an unhindered experience to your consumers for each micro-moment.

Conclusion: Optimize your internet advertising for mobiles

A traditional online presence with an excellent SEO is essential for the success of your business. This also requires a mobile optimization with an effective web marketing strategy in response to these micro-moments.

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