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My Little Big Web is a Montreal-based web design agency. Our team of talented web designers is ready to elevate your business with a fully customized website.

What is web design or website redesign?

Website design implies that your company doesn’t currently possess a website, and we’re tasked with creating one from the ground up. The objective of a website redesign is to revamp your existing website. Even if the design, text, and images undergo changes, as long as you already have a website online, it’s considered a redesign. If not, it’s a creation.

Our team of web design experts primarily focuses on custom WordPress websites (i.e., 100% personalized), but we can also craft a custom website using an existing template if you’re dealing with time or budget constraints. The websites we create are 100% owned by you and are exclusively professional websites (our clients are businesses).

Your website serves as a tool for your company to promote its services or sell its products. Each step of the design process is geared towards achieving this objective.

Why should you consider a new website design?


To make a good first impression and build credibility

Having a business website is obviously important. However, if your website appears outdated or projects an unprofessional image of your company, you could be missing out on potential customers. Consider your website as a business card, crafted to draw attention and establish your credibility.


To rank first on Google and generate leads

As an SEO agency, we understand that the secret to climbing Google’s rankings and boosting your site’s traffic lies in effective website optimization. Your website needs to be designed with Google’s SEO ranking factors in mind. Simply having a “beautiful website” won’t cut it.


To modernize your website and branding

The best website is an up-to-date website. By revamping your site, you can keep pace with emerging trends, sharpen your brand’s message, and make it easier for customers to learn about you – much like what you’re doing for us at this moment.


To have control over your target audience

Unlike social media, which owns your audience and arbitrarily decides your visibility, your website allows you to build a marketing strategy and communicate freely with your customers and leads. You have complete control over your ecosystem and can tap into all available sources of traffic.

Our Montreal web design services

Custom Web Design

Whether you’ve built a website before or if this is your first time diving into web design, our agency will ensure that you’re fully informed about each step of your website creation. We typically begin by having a call or meeting at our Montreal office to understand your company, website goals, and vision.

Our team of web designers and UX experts will then lead you through the process, delivering the unbeatable service that My Little Big Web is renowned for.

Website Redesign

Is your current website becoming outdated or not meeting your expectations? We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your website as well as those of your competitors to create a guideline that will make your website stand out.

At My Little Big Web, we revamp more than 70 websites every year. You can trust us to handle your project with expertise and ensure that no content, images, or Google ranking is lost. Whether you want to retain certain elements of your website or start fresh, our team of website redesign experts will assist you in making the right choices.

WordPress Development

Our team of WordPress developers are experts in creating custom websites using WordPress. We take inspiration from websites you admire, regardless of the platform they were developed on, to build a website that is 100% tailored to your needs. Whether it’s customizing existing WordPress plug-ins or creating new ones from scratch, we have the expertise to deliver exactly what you require.

With the guidance of your project manager and the support of our SEO team, your new WordPress website will not only meet but exceed Google’s requirements for good rankings. Trust our talented developers to bring your vision to life and experience the impressive results for yourself.

Ecommerce Web Design

Looking to revamp your online store? We’ve successfully crafted over 100 online stores for our clients, boosting their sales by expanding their customer reach. Our ecommerce website design projects come with a skilled team of programmers, integration specialists, and graphic designers. Additionally, we have Google SEO experts, user experience specialists, and content writers/translators available if needed.

At My Little Big Web, we have a strict no subcontracting policy, so you can directly communicate with every expert involved in creating your website. They’ll gladly address any inquiries you may have. You’re even welcome to visit our agency if you’d like.

SEO Content

Is SEO content writing not your strong suit? Or perhaps the person managing your website doesn’t have the time for it? Our team of writers and translators can help! We specialize in creating websites that rank high on search engines. Whether you need us to handle all of your content writing or provide editorial advice to support your content strategy, we’ve got what you need.

When you choose our agency to create or redesign your website, you’ll also have access to our team of SEO experts. They will guide you on how to optimize your content effectively, driving more traffic to your website. Don’t wait any longer! Contact us today, and we’ll connect you with an SEO specialist who can assist you.

Web Hosting, Support and Maintenance

We offer all our clients website maintenance services and support to prevent any security issues.

If you encounter any problems with an existing website, our team of developers can assist you. We can make occasional interventions on your site to fix bugs or make requested modifications. Just contact us and explain what changes or corrections you would like to make, and we will provide you with a quick estimate. Before implementing the changes, we can work on a “copied” version of your site installed on our servers, allowing you to review the work.

Our website design process


Kick-off meeting with web designers

The kick-off meeting is an opportunity to meet the team and the project manager who will be working with you. During the meeting, we will review the submission to ensure that everyone understands it, explain the various steps involved, address any questions you may have, and establish a production schedule.

Our website design service is tailored to your needs, ensuring an optimal experience. We will take note of your communication preferences, the roles of key individuals on your team, and how you prefer to collaborate with us.


Content creation

Our website design services are tailored to the amount and structure of text on your pages. Whether you prefer us to handle the writing and translation of your content or if you prefer to do it yourself, we will provide you with guidelines for optimal SEO and user experience. Our goal is to create websites that effectively present essential information in a clear and concise manner, minimizing the need for users to search or click excessively. Rest assured, we will explain all of this at the start of the project.


Web design

We will develop a website that fulfills all your visual and functional needs. The design process can be divided into two main steps: creating wireframes, which will give you a clear idea of how the text, images, and calls to action will be positioned on each page, and designing graphic mock-ups of the text and images for your future website. You will have the chance to provide feedback and request any changes before we proceed to the next phase.


Development and integration

Our team of programmers will integrate the approved mock-ups and handle all the configuration of your website: adapting it for mobile devices, ensuring security, optimizing the code for SEO compliance with Google’s requirements, configuring various modules, and creating visual effects.

You will also have the opportunity to review and approve our work before we move on to the next step. It’s important to note that once your website is live, you will have the flexibility to make any desired modifications, and you will have full ownership of your website.



At My Little Big Web, our mission is to make the Web accessible to everyone. We value the autonomy of our clients and believe in giving them the opportunity to manage their own website if they so desire. That’s why, whenever we design a website, we provide training to our clients, showing them how to make changes to their pages, add blog articles, edit photos, and anything else they may want to modify. If you ever need support, we also offer a bank of hours for personalized assistance.


Secure upload

We can handle the uploading of your website to your preferred server, or we can provide you with the files for you to take care of it yourself. If you entrust us with the uploading, we will install a security certificate and perform a comprehensive quality check, including testing contact forms, analyzing loading times, checking links and 404 errors, and loading scripts.

Additionally, you have the option to benefit from our monthly maintenance services to ensure that your website modules are up to date and overall security is maintained.


Launching your web marketing campaigns

If you’re looking to boost your website’s traffic, consider partnering with My Little Big Web, a trusted web marketing agency based in Montreal. Our team can help you develop an effective digital marketing strategy. It’s advantageous to work with the agency that built your website, as this ensures consistent communication and seamless website optimizations. Our experienced team is already familiar with your project and can even be involved from the start to ensure optimal performance.

Get proven results from Montreal’s top-rated web design agency

Our web designers have already created hundreds of websites for clients of all shapes and sizes! Why not join them? Reach out to our team today for a free consultation.

Why choose our Montreal web design agency?

Over 600 websites designed

As seen in our portfolio, My Little Big Web has extensive experience in developing WordPress websites and ecommerce stores for companies of all sizes.

We’ve developed a web design methodology that allows us to quickly build a website customized to your needs while making sure it provides the best experience for your visitors.

Secure, high-performance websites

At My Little Big Web, we pride ourselves on creating websites that are not only contemporary and effective but also secure and high-performing. We subject every site we develop to thorough testing to spot and rectify any possible weaknesses.

Plus, we incorporate tracking plug-ins to catch any issues like broken links or server errors. Additionally, we offer website support and maintenance services.

Custom WordPress website design

We are a WordPress web design agency. Our team can create a custom design that reflects your unique identity, while staying within your budget and timeline. 

Your website will be 100% owned by you, and we provide training so you can update it yourself. If desired, our development team can also provide support.

SEO web design

One reason why our clients choose to trust us with the design of their website is because we are also a web marketing agency.

The websites we create are designed to bring you results in terms of SEO, paid advertising, and social media marketing. We understand that your website should not only be visually appealing, but also deliver results.

Our clients say it best

I found the team very professional, readily available and attentive to my needs. Of course, creating a website requires a lot of imagination, but the ideas I had were listened to and respected. The personalized, recorded training is a really good idea, because I can refer to it and share it with my colleagues if I need to. I really appreciated the fact that you tried to make me self-sufficient once the site was delivered.

Maude Esbérard,

Project Manager, Tandem Ahunstic

I really felt supported from beginning to end. Everything was very clear and transparent from the moment we submitted our proposal. In addition to the client support, the services are right in line with what we asked for (even in terms of animations), so our experience has been very positive. The Basecamp exchange platform is very easy to use and stays up-to-date (keeps track of all exchanges). Things went really well with the teams, so I have only positive things to say about this experience.

Margaux Le Nignol

General Manager, DAO BE

Web design FAQs

How much does it cost to design a website?

We’ve placed this question at the top because it’s the one that everyone asks when it comes to designing a website. Whether you’re still searching on Google or already looking for a website design agency, this question persists. The answer is simple: it depends!

Website design depends on various factors, such as the number of pages requiring a specific design, the integration of pages into your site, the number of languages, the platform used, and the functionalities you want to include (e.g., online store, newsletter, chat, membership, booking, payment processor, etc.).

There are more criteria to consider, but the easiest way is to contact us for a proposal and personalized explanations based on your project. For those who want to continue reading, here’s another criterion to consider: the agency that will design your site. Not all agencies have the same rates or work methods.

As a customer, you can easily identify the factors that can influence the price of your site. Will you get custom-made or ready-made templates? Will you receive personalized support? Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have in mind. Understanding every detail of the quotes you receive is crucial to making the right choice.

Your web agency will be happy to answer your questions and justify its price if it’s appropriate. Since each case is different, these few lines may not have provided all the answers you’re seeking, as there are no set rules for website design. We encourage you to contact us for a free evaluation. At My Little Big Web, there are no salespeople; one of our founders will personally reach out to you.

What are the key considerations of website design?

The first element to consider is the website’s objectives: selling, promoting your services, informing, educating, serving as a tool, etc. Your website can also address multiple objectives.

The second element relates to user experience. Is the design attractive? Is the information easy to find? Is the content of high quality?

The third element concerns SEO (Google ranking). Does the website meet Google’s standards? Is it compatible with mobile devices? Is the page loading time acceptable?

The fourth element is the autonomy you have to update your website. Are you 100% independent, or do you rely on the programmer who created the site?

How long does a website take to design?

The timeline for building a website depends on its size and complexity. For a small showcase site with a few pages, it usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks. If you have a medium-sized site, it will typically take between 2 and 4 months. However, the exact duration may vary based on your responsiveness during the design stages, such as copywriting, design validation, and integration validation. For a larger site, you can expect the development process to take between 4 and 6 months.

Can you build any type of website?

We have the ability to create various types of websites, including ecommerce websites, showcase sites, informational sites, and more. However, our expertise lies in WordPress. We specialize in developing websites using this powerful CMS.

Can I get in touch with the web development team?

Having to repeat yourself can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re working on a website design project and dealing with different people along the way. Whether it’s the absent project manager, the salesperson who doesn’t quite understand your language, or the constant back-and-forth to address simple queries, it can really test your patience.

At My Little Big Web, we understand this frustration because we were once customers ourselves. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to connect our customers directly with our development team. You can reach out to them through our in-house project management tool or simply give them a call if that’s more comfortable for you. This way, you can ask any questions you have and get a prompt response from the person responsible for creating your website.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that designing a website involves the expertise of multiple specialists, such as graphic designers, programmers, integrators, and project managers. While our programmers are knowledgeable, they may not have all the answers to your specific questions. In such cases, they will reach out to the person who is best qualified to address your concerns and, if needed, put you in direct contact with them.

How can I be sure that my website will look good?

Throughout the process of creating your website, you will be accompanied by a user experience specialist. This specialist, who is often one of the co-founders of My Little Big Web and has experience in user experience from working on multiple websites at Microsoft, will provide you with expert advice to create a high-performing website that meets your customers’ expectations. Additionally, you are encouraged to actively participate in the project, engaging with our various specialists to share your opinions and receive their guidance.

While we are digital marketing experts and website programming, we may not have the same level of familiarity with your business and your customers as you do. Even though we work with clients from various industries, your target audience and communication preferences may differ from your competitors. Therefore, sharing information between you and us is crucial so that we can leverage our technology and expertise to serve your specific needs.

At My Little Big Web, we don’t have a thousand clients because we value maintaining high standards of quality. We prefer to keep our company at a human scale, allowing us to stay close to our clients and provide personalized support. Our goal is to have a genuine exchange with you to achieve a perfect outcome: an attractive website that fully fulfills its purpose. To get an idea of the work we can do for you, feel free to browse our portfolio or read our hundreds of client testimonials.

Do you design responsive websites?

Yes, all the websites we design are compatible with mobile devices.

Can I get involved in my web design project?

We highly encourage our clients to actively participate in the creation of their website. Our focus is on customization, so the more involved you are, the better we can tailor your website to your needs. Additionally, we value learning from our customers as it helps us gain knowledge about the different industries our clients operate in.

Right from the start of your website design project, we provide you with access to our online project manager. This platform allows you to centralize all your documents and messages in one place, making communication more efficient. Although you can always reach us by phone or visit our agency, our online project manager serves as the central hub for our interactions.

You can easily schedule appointments, either by phone or in person, to meet the various experts involved in your project. Our team includes developers, integrators, graphic designers, translators, copywriters, project managers, and web marketing specialists. We believe in being proactive and generating new ideas to fully utilize our expertise. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions and seek our advice. We want your website to meet your specific needs and ensure your satisfaction with our services, establishing a strong bond of trust between us.

Will redesigning my website help me make more sales?

Redesigning your website can greatly increase your sales. Many companies are reaching out to us for our expertise in optimizing user experience during website creation or redesign. With the rise of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, it’s important to ensure your website is compatible and appealing to visitors using these platforms.

Additionally, some websites may need to be modernized to better reflect the company’s image. If you’re interested, you can contact Max, one of the founders of My Little Big Web, at +1 514 572-7758 for a free analysis of your website’s user experience. In just a few minutes, you’ll discover if your site requires improvement and receive specific examples of the enhancements we can offer.

Why should I design a website with an agency?

Designing a website requires a combination of skills to meet Google standards, create an appealing aesthetic, and ensure optimal performance. These skills include SEO expertise, web design and integration, and backend programming.

Additionally, guidance in copywriting, web marketing, and defining the website’s structure may be necessary. A project manager can provide the necessary advice and oversee the project. By working with an agency like My Little Big Web, you can be assured that your project will be delivered on time. Even if the project programmer leaves or is unavailable, our in-house team will seamlessly take over to ensure timely delivery.

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