Web developer (WordPress)

By My Little Big Web

My Little Big Web is a web agency specializing in web design, SEO and online advertising. As you will notice by visiting our website (www.mylittlebigweb.com), we are a serious team that does not take itself too seriously. We believe that humility and the human side of things are sometimes lacking in the day-to-day activity of certain agencies. We wanted to show how we’re different and fully embrace our values of creativity, perfectionism, humility and fun.


Job summary:

  • Full Time
  • Website development with WordPress
  • Content integration
  • Correction of Bugs
  • Integration and development of themes
  • Maintenance of WordPress websites

Qualifications/competencies sought after:

  • Mastery of HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3 integration
  • Mastery of CMSs (Particularly WordPress)
  • Front-end/back-end Development experience
  • The ability to learn quickly
  • Resourcefulness, independence and fun loving
  • Hardworking (our clients choose us for our fun AND hardworking attitude)
  • Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge (a plus)
  • Mastery of PHP (a plus)
  • Cpanel and DirectAdmin knowledge
  • 1+ years of experience

Why work at MYLITTLEBIGWEB: Because we were all once employees, freelancers, interns (etc.) and we know what you’re looking for: knowledge, feeling useful without being exploited, and a young and fun environment. It’s the little things in life that make it worthwhile!

  • Flexible hours (within reason)
  • A chief happiness officer (see our team page)
  • A Nespresso machine
  • A relaxed environment
  • Regular events (poker tournaments, Mario Kart, Bubble Soccer, LaserTag etc.)
  • Free beverages and snacks
  • A smoothie machine
  • 700 square foot break room
  • Ping pong table
  • Basketball hoop
  • Video game console
  • Living/nap area
  • Phone packages paid for Employees
  • 4 weeks paid vacation for employees
  • New equipment (two 27in screens per person and good computers)
  • Comfortable desk chairs (to avoid back problems)

Note: we’ve met 3 types of employees

  • Those in it only for the pay check. They work their hours, that’s it.
  • Those who spend the whole day doing nothing if no one gives them something to work on
  • Those who understand that a company like My Little Big Web is full of opportunities and that the job advancement is very likely. They very quickly become a helpful and essential part of the team

And as for you, what kind of employee are you?

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