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Web marketing strategies to adopt during coronavirus

Last update : 25 November 2020

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In the current environment, many businesses and SMEs are facing major challenges and each of them will have to make tough choices, particularly when it comes to marketing budgets.

While some companies may be tempted to react by going into survival mode and cutting into their marketing budget, at My Little Big Web we believe it’s more sensible to avoid getting caught up in this whirlwind.

Come on, let’s keep a cool head and take a closer look at the issue.

A difficult time for all companies

Governments around the world are currently trying to slow the spread of the virus within their populations. Containment measures have even been adopted by many jurisdictions. In short, the public is confined to their homes, and few short-term marketing strategies have the potential to actually drive sales of a product or service unless it is essential. Cash flow may be tighter and that is normal.

In times of crisis, resist the urge to abandon long-term marketing strategies

Faced with an obligation to reduce your marketing budget, the smartest thing to do is focus more on your long-term brand growth strategy because, ultimately, the COVID-19 crisis will eventually pass. At some point, consumers will return to the streets to make purchases. Cafés, restaurants and cinemas will welcome customers back. So you need to put your efforts and resources into a strategy that will keep your brand alive during these uncertain times.

To this end, web marketing has repeatedly proven its effectiveness.

The crisis is an opportunity to stand out on social media

In times of crisis, people want to be kept informed of the situation in real time. Many rely on social networks for this. In fact, CTV News stated on January 31 that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were already starting to implement special measures to address misinformation and the spread of fake news about the coronavirus. This shows the extent to which social media can influence the reach of a news story and the behaviours and attitudes of the population towards different issues.

What about your company in all this? Well, let’s just say it’s time to show what you’re made of, not run for cover! Depending on your industry, chances are that you and your customers are being affected in one way or another by this unprecedented crisis and how you deal with it will determine how you get out of it.


Demonstrate that you’re in solution mode

In times of crisis, even if the rules of the game for marketing are changed, clients still have the ability to judge the quality of an organization’s communication strategies. They are even on their guard and may be suspicious of companies that downplay the seriousness of the situation or attempt to take advantage of it for malicious gain. So you need to find the balance.

When it comes to community management, however, you can demonstrate that you’re in solution mode through compassionate and respectful posts. For example, you can explain how your team is dealing with the crisis and enforcing the government’s shared guidelines. If you have online services, now is the time to focus on them and demonstrate how they can serve the public. The most proactive organizations can even offer their help to those in sectors that are being hit hard by COVID-19.

In short, be an example! Keep in mind that crisis management is very important and that dialogue with the public must be maintained on your social networks. If you make the right decisions and the public supports them, your community may even grow and you can offer your products or services to more people when things return to normal. Not only will your brand image survive, but you’ll be ahead of anyone who failed to take the bull by the horns!

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Continue working on your content marketing strategy

Even if you can establish yourself as a leader in crisis management on social networks, you should nevertheless continue to demonstrate that you are still a leader in your regular activities. Your content marketing strategy will allow you to do this.

The resources you invest in the creating blog posts, videos and other content that you publish regularly shouldn’t be used for other purposes, even when the circumstances may suggest otherwise.  When shared on social media, this content can even help show that you are staying the course and that some of your services are still available, if that’s the case.

Save a spot for SEO in your content strategy

Maintaining confidence in the future can also lead to actions that will pay off in the longer term, such as SEO optimization of the content you publish. Making sure that the content you publish meets the search engine ranking factors will help you gain better positioning on search engines.

These actions may result in more traffic to your site, especially during a period when people are likely to spend more time online.




Be part of the solution to the coronavirus crisis, people will pay it forward!

Major brands build their capital during crises like this. They stand out by remaining true to their core values even in times of crisis. They take care of their employees and customers, even if it means having to tighten their belts.

The most proactive ones will even continue working on their web marketing strategy since many of their competitors will certainly reduce their online presence in the coming weeks. For these organizations, as for yours, there is a real opportunity to come out of the crisis not only alive, but ahead.


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Eugénie a commencé sa carrière en marketing Web chez Microsoft auprès de partenaires tels que Hewlett-Packard et Dell. En 2013, elle co-fonde My Little Big Web avec Maxence afin d'aider les PME à optimiser leur marketing Web. Ses compétences en SEO, publicité en ligne et expérience utilisateur permettent aux clients de My Little Big Web de se positionner rapidement et durablement en haut des résultats de recherche. Le partage de connaissances fait partie de ses priorités. Elle donne donc de nombreuses formations internes et externes ainsi que des conférences sur de multiples thèmes relatifs au marketing numérique.

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