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What is Inbound Marketing or the strategy of “Come and meet me, I’m a pretty cool girl…”

Definition of Inbound Marketing

The principle of Inbound marketing relies on the idea that you are such a fascinating and attractive person that everyone wants to know you, share your information and maybe even more…

In contrast to the push strategy or Outbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing (Inbound for short) allows the customer to come to you rather than forcing you to go get him. No more unilateral commercial messages that tire users, they are now coming to you, ready to discover your brand and share their most intimate secrets.

Objective of Inbound Marketing: Conversion leads

This strategy is a systemic approach where all the digital marketing levels are activated. The digital channel offers a diverse range of communication media such as the website, newsletters, social networks, offline events… that allows you to attract your potential customers at home (to your website). These meetings, which may be short, therefore lead to inquiries about your business, phone calls, sharing an article from your blog …called micro conversions. These micro conversions ultimately lead to the macro conversion represented by a leap towards a long-term relationship: a signed contract or a sale!

A content strategy at the center of Inbound Marketing

But how may we turn these short relationships into “more serious” relationships?

A strategy of content associated with an editorial calendar must be set up. It is important to choose its channels of communication with the knowledge that an editorial calendar needs to be followed. Without a real content, there is no Inbound Marketing, no relationship and no marriage  🙁

To mix things a little, the contents must be presented in multiple formats: marketing games on social networks encourage users to switch from visitor to addicted gambler, the articles in your newsfeed must be the new scoop and make your prospects buzz, and info graphics speak louder than words…

The content strategy varies depending on selected channels. you can opt for a social media channel or a channel of referring sites with a strategy of incoming links. It is important to know your internal resources and time available allocated to the editorial calendar before you start. You can also opt for a web-marketing agency that will recommend and implement the appropriate strategy for you. The success of a content is based on various stages, for more information, please visit the article: 5 steps to content marketing success.

We must also remember that it is far better to have a few qualitative links coming from recognized sites, with sufficient domain authority, than a hundred links coming from directories that are not qualitative. An SEO optimized website is a prerequisite to a successful Inbound Marketing strategy.

A great user experience is required with Inbound Marketing Strategy

If you want to attract prospects, it is important to receive your potential customers in an optimized environment with a premium user experience. For further information, please read our article called Improve your SEO performance by facilitating the navigation of your site.

Indeed, an ergonomic website, easy to read and with a consistent architecture for the user, will increase the number of pages visited and lower the site’s bounce rate. It should seduce the user by fanning his curiosity and make him want to share your scoops or latest innovations.

The content represents the icing on the cake, but content that is not read cannot delight your users. Relevant keywords should be present in your content with the terms of your field or activities.You can read the article discover how to optimize the content of your website.

Know how to be at the right place at the right moment!

Remember, inbound marketing strategy also called pull marketing strategy is based on the quality of your content and editorial line.

So grab your pens and happy meetings…

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