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Why hire a web editor to write your website content?

Web publications are different from paper ones in many ways. Readers attention spans have been reduced to almost nothing due to the amount of accessible information and the impatience of web surfers. The “standard” webpage usually only has a few seconds to make a good impression on a visitor. This is the challenge web editors face on a daily basis.

Capturing attention and soliciting audience action is no easy task. This is why web writing is a serious discipline that requires special skills. Engaging professionals in this field to write your website content can provide many benefits that you can’t do without.

Web editing: a wide range of skills

A web editor is an essential resource for the production of any type of online content. This professional is specially trained and qualified to create articles for your audience according to your expectations.

Their field of expertise is very broad, which enables them to effectively write:

  • Service pages
  • Blog posts
  • Content adapted for social networks
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content
  • Product descriptions

A web editor captures attention

The majority of online users browse a web page by scanning it up and down, rather than reading its content carefully. Web editors are very aware of this. That’s why they have developed expertise to create structures and formats that are quick and easy to browse.

Their skills combining marketing and psychology allow them to express themselves clearly and accurately using accessible language. They are qualified to deliver texts that visitors deem relevant, engaging, easily understandable and perfectly aligned with the high expectations of you and your customers. Always remember, you only have a few moments to convince readers, so don’t waste them!

A web editor engages your audience

A full-time or sub-contracted editor who is fully dedicated to your website will also be able to quickly respond to your audience’s actions or questions. When a reader asks a question or makes a comment, they generally appreciate a quick answer. Retaining an audience begins with convincing readers that you are trustworthy. If a conversation takes place and the general public can benefit from your good advice, you are likely to build a reputation as an expert in your domain, thereby increasing your reputation.

A web editor can also help increase your publishing frequency. As a result, your site remains up-to-date and attracts frequent visits from users.

Another benefit of having so much varied content on your website is that visitors will be tempted to check out other pages and probably contact you rather than leaving after reading an article. The retention rate of your website will be maximized.

Quality web content can help you avoid problems

If you have an online business, or just want to increase your online presence, you can’t ignore SEO. In terms of search engine referencing, content is golden. When it is appropriate, strategically placed and distributed online, it can lead to great visibility for your business.

A qualified web editor creates content based on specific rules that can help your site be noticed by users. They can therefore use an SEO strategy to your advantage. Whether it’s through the judicious use of keywords, internal linking or by respecting a specific design, they can make your business rise in the search results.

In this sense, they can also optimize already existing pages to increase their effectiveness. With targeted and catchy titles and carefully chosen vocabulary, a publication can enjoy a second wind.


A web editor increases your conversions

If the purpose of your website is to promote a product or service, you understand that the number of visitors converted to customers is a crucial factor. Along with eye-catching design, quality content written by a capable person will be able to impress consumers. This is why well-written copy, whether on landing pages or in product descriptions, leads to better conversion rates.

Using powerful words that prompt action is another conversion-increasing tactic. Sprinkling these into your publications can make them go from boring descriptions to powerful emotion generators that will change users into customers and even customers into followers.

In summary, whether it’s to grab attention, build your audience, improve search engine rankings or increase your conversion rate, hiring an expert editor is a winning choice.

That said, when you entrust your content to a web editor, you have the right to oversee all the material you publish online. Your company’s personality will stay the same while being more developed. Never neglect the quality of your content – it’s your calling card!


Cofondatrice et Spécialiste SEO-SEM

Eugénie a commencé sa carrière en marketing Web chez Microsoft auprès de partenaires tels que Hewlett-Packard et Dell. En 2013, elle co-fonde My Little Big Web avec Maxence afin d'aider les PME à optimiser leur marketing Web. Ses compétences en SEO, publicité en ligne et expérience utilisateur permettent aux clients de My Little Big Web de se positionner rapidement et durablement en haut des résultats de recherche. Le partage de connaissances fait partie de ses priorités. Elle donne donc de nombreuses formations internes et externes ainsi que des conférences sur de multiples thèmes relatifs au marketing numérique.