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Why is a Twitter Profile Important for Businesses?

Last update : 25 November 2020

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Today, social networks are an integral part of any business strategy. It’s rare that a company doesn’t have a page on Facebook or LinkedIn, and your business is likely no exception.

However, are you still hesitant about creating a Twitter profile for your business? What are the interests of the social network and what can the little blue bird do for your business? How can you make the most of its opportunities?

Keep reading to discover all the answers to your questions!

Use your business profile on Twitter as a networking tool

Like the various social networks used in the working world, Twitter is a great way to connect with people you would probably never meet in real life.

Twitter is also an important platform to consider when coming up with your web marketing strategy!

This is even more true if you’re in the web sector or dealing with new technologies. Indeed, Twitter is full of web enthusiasts, developers, nerds and other geeks that share a daily wealth of useful information. Rest assured, even if your company belongs to any domain outside of the web, there will be a corresponding community to be found on Twitter.

The magic of the platform lies in the fact that there are no barriers between personal and professional Twitter profiles. It is extremely easy to get in touch with people who follow you, or the profiles you follow.

You can get a response from users much easier than on most third-party networks, as the values ​​of Twitter include user-friendliness and proximity!

Reinforce your online presence and your SEO through Twitter

You may not know this, but Twitter ‘tweets’ can also appear in Google search results! That’s why it’s important to have a relevant content strategy, and use Twitter to the fullest in order take advantage of the social media platform.

While your tweets will almost certainly not appear first in the search results, depending on the relevance of your tweets and the degree of competition in search, your tweets may reach the fourth, third, and even the second page of Google! This is no small feat, as it offers you an opportunity to be referenced on new search terms. Setting up a Twitter profile for your business is therefore a very good tool to use in your SEO strategy.

Your Twitter account also allows you to build more links that point towards your website. By sharing blog articles, new information, and a few well-placed hashtags, you’ll be able to attract the attention of the ‘twittersphere’ and increase your website’s traffic.

It’s also important to relay information from other known accounts via retweets: this gives more credibility to your own profile.

Use your business Twitter profile as a monitoring tool

Twitter is not only a tool for sharing information, but also a tool for accessing valuable information. Indeed, using the platform to monitor your competition can be an asset to your business.

There are keyword search tools provided by the platform, allowing you to search for information that may be of interest to your company. For example, you can go fishing for comments that reference your business. You can also observe what is being said about your competitors, helping inspire your own business by seeing what critics are saying about the competition.

Your business Twitter profile also allows you to find potential customers. What does this mean? It’s very simple: if you are a car rental agency, you can schedule a search for the keyword “car for rent” or “rental agency” and be notified as soon as someone uses this term in order to contact them and offer your services. It’s as easy as pie!

Communicate directly and effectively with your customer base

As we mentioned above, communication is at the core of Twitter’s values. So, you should feel free to use the platform as you see fit in order to create a better public image of your company!

Some companies rely heavily on their social network management strategies to give themselves a young and friendly image. However, you can use social network management strategies as you see fit to shape your brand image to your liking.

The ease with which you can gather opinions about your business on Twitter gives you the option to react in real time, which will show your customers that you are concerned about any issues they may be facing.

It is also possible that some customers, tired of impersonal forms and online formalities, may ask you questions directly on your company’s Twitter profile, by either private message or even by public tweet. Don’t ignore the requests of your audience! These people are customers who for the most part would not have initiated contact on any platform other than Twitter, fearing a long response time (unfortunately this is the case on many websites).

So, emblazon your coat of arms by offering users personalized support, and you will surely get tons of positive responses in return!


Creating a Twitter profile for your business adds another tool to your arsenal on the road to perfecting your strategy. Whether for competition research or SEO, you will be able to use the social network to your advantage in many different ways.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Take the step: the twittersphere is waiting for you!

Would you like to benefit from personalized support to develop your online presence especially on social networks? Contact our agency today and benefit from our expert advice!


Co-founder and SEO-SEM Specialist

Eugénie began her web marketing career at Microsoft with partners that included Hewlett-Packard and Dell. In 2013, she co-founded My Little Big Web with Maxence to help SMBs optimize their web marketing. Her SEO, online advertising and user experience skills help My Little Big Web's clients quickly and lastingly rank at the top of search results. Since she is committed to sharing knowledge, she teaches many internal and external workshops and gives talks on various topics related to digital marketing.

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