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Why My Little Big Web?

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We are asked this question (veeeery) often. So, we decided to make an article! It’s also a way of knowing a little more about us, our history, and the reasons that led us to choose an English name when a large majority of our clients are francophones.


We chose My Little Big Web because we serve both small and large companies and especially because when it comes to the web, every company that starts “little” has the chance to become “BIG” with a much more reasonable budget than traditional advertising.

Why not use French? Because we agree that “Ma P’tite Grosse Toile” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Why not just “Little Big Web”? Because it is also YOUR little big web, this big digital world where everyone is small but can become BIG if we know the rules of the game.


Our goal is to support companies, regardless of their size and level of knowledge, to propel them to the next level.

We assume that people have no way to judge if an agency is qualified (let alone refer us to people you know if you don’t understand what we do.)

That’s why we take the time to explain every aspect of web marketing. Whether it’s your own business or you are accountable to your supervisors, you need to be able to understand how your budget is invested and the results are achieved.


If you call My Little Big Web, you will be connected with:

  • One of the founders (9 times out of 10) who are both web marketing experts
  • A member of the My Little Big Web team who is a web marketing expert or programmer

We want to give you the best service possible and believe that our customers will be best served by people who can understand your issues and advise you because they know how to code, set up Google AdWords campaigns, implement SEO, manage social networks etc.

We have nothing against salespeople and think some of them can be great advisers. On the other hand, we think if the person who advises you for your digital strategy is just looking for a signature on a contract, he probably won’t be in the best position to provide advice without being biased by internal goals and a commission.

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You (our customers, prospects and partners) generally aren’t web experts. For the most part, you are small business owners who have 1000 other things to manage.

You understand that digital isn’t the future, it’s the present!

You want to understand what you invest in and if your money is well-invested. In this regard, we make ourselves available to answer your questions at any time. We generate reports in-house and take the time to explain everything concisely, so the uninitiated can easily understand what they’re investing in and what strategy is being implemented.


Like we said before, we don’t have salespeople. We don’t do traditional advertising (radio, TV, billboard campaigns, etc.). We have managed, with web marketing alone, to feed nearly 20 people.

How have we become known and built our expertise? By implementing SEO, Google AdWords, community management and social network advertising strategies.

Of course, the idea of hiring salespeople did come up. So we did like any other horizontally-managed company – we discussed it with the rest of the MLBies. The general consensus was “if our mission is to bring customers to our clients online, why would we need salespeople?!”. After an answer like this, the “salesperson” file has been definitively closed.

And there you have My Little Big Web ☺

If our values strike a chord and you want to boost your web marketing performance, you can contact Maxence, co-founder of My Little Big Web at +1 514 572 7758.


Cofondatrice et Spécialiste SEO-SEM

Eugénie a commencé sa carrière en marketing Web chez Microsoft auprès de partenaires tels que Hewlett-Packard et Dell. En 2013, elle co-fonde My Little Big Web avec Maxence afin d'aider les PME à optimiser leur marketing Web. Ses compétences en SEO, publicité en ligne et expérience utilisateur permettent aux clients de My Little Big Web de se positionner rapidement et durablement en haut des résultats de recherche. Le partage de connaissances fait partie de ses priorités. Elle donne donc de nombreuses formations internes et externes ainsi que des conférences sur de multiples thèmes relatifs au marketing numérique.

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