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Why should SMEs spend time writing web content?

Content marketing is nothing new. In 1900, the Michelin brothers, tire manufacturers, published a guide filled with useful information for motorists. Today, 117 years later, this annual publication has become a benchmark for travel and hospitality. The usefulness of this tool has made indispensable, increasing the reputation of Michelin, which is now internationally recognized.

Today, the struggle for consumer attention is fierce. Content marketing, now adapted to the web, has the same goal as it did a century ago: to create publications that will help build a lasting relationship with an audience that, if things go well, will become customers.

But why, in the current context, would online content writing be a relevant strategy for SMEs?

Offering content that is truly in demand

Traditionally, in order to capture attention, brands had a habit of interrupting consumer activities to promote their products. Whether in the form of television or radio commercials, magazine ads or even pop-ups on the Internet, all these tactics benefitted from the appeal of a production or program to draw attention to their offer.

Thirty years ago, the average person was subject to approximately 2000 of these marketing messages per day. In 2008, this number had risen to 5000, more than double. This means that product placement has nearly reached the point of oversaturation. It is increasingly difficult to compete given the variety of offers.

In addition, certain aspects of this strategy can irritate the public, which has an increasing number of tools to counter ads imposed on them, often against their will. Indeed, with the advent of DVRs and streaming platforms, it is now possible to avoid a large number of ads. It should also be noted that this kind of advertising rarely reflects the real interests and needs of the audience. So how do you maintain consumer interest?

The antidote to such an exodus from the public is the hope that content offered is genuinely desired by the audience and that it is more personalized. In this sense, content marketing, created by content writers, interferes much more subtly and organically in the lives of consumers who are constantly looking for information, entertainment or advice.

Of course, breaking with “classic” marketing, which aims to create a need, content marketing will target an audience that has often already identified a need, but is now looking for ways to satisfy it. Because the person is further along in the buying process, they are even more likely to finalize a transaction with you if you are convincing enough.


Write web content to become a reference

The more an SME writes about a specific subject, the more public confidence in it will increase if the content remains interesting. If you frequently publish quality content, users of your site may become loyal followers. Such loyalty can’t be bought and you will likely be competing with big brands. This will give you the opportunity to enter people’s lives.

Methods of building such relationships of trust include writing online articles, proactively managing social networks and paying special attention to customer concerns. The advantage of doing business with a dedicated web editor is that they can respond immediately to comments and queries, as well as write articles on a regular basis. Generally, consumers appreciate such consideration and will be more likely to be loyal to a company that shares their values.

Ultimately, the goal is to get users to visit your website out of habit or reflex because they see it as the main source of credible information available.

Web writing to gain authority

A phenomenon similar to consumer confidence can be observed with SEO on search engines. The more relevant pages your website has, the more likely it is to make its way to the top of the search results. A higher ranking on Google obviously translates to more attention from the public. Regularly adding content that takes SEO into consideration will help your website gain authority.

These publications can take the form of, for example, blog posts or news about your industry. You can even publish interesting texts on external sites. These are effective ways to link to your service pages and insert keywords, which are strategies that will increase the authority of your domain. Of course, to maximize the potential of each publication, a web editor can use specialized tools and techniques.

In this case, your reputation can increase as you fill your website with interesting editorial content. This notoriety goes hand in hand with extra attention from the public.

Increasingly, we inhabit a world where “content is king”. For SMEs, content is an essential tool to get consumer attention. In the online era, this assertion rings truer than ever as there are virtually endless possibilities for publishing content. Undoubtedly, the content people read or watch will have an impact on the way they think… as well as the way they buy.

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