100% Tailored showcase website creation

A corporate website at the top of search results

Why create a custom showcase websitE :


You only get one chance to make a good first impression

Your showcase website is often the first point of contact between your business and your customers. Whether or not your company is already well-known, your corporate website must reflect the image you want to convey while communicating the right information.


To have an online presence

Before contacting you, potential customers will first research more about you. If you don’t have a showcase website, you’re already starting at a disadvantage, especially if your competitors have one.


To reach new customers

Even if your clientele is already well established and your customer base is not (yet) predominantly online, the transition to digital will inevitably need to be done one day or another. Benefit from this new market right now!


To demonstrate your expertise

When first entering a business or a contacting a specialist, we have no idea if they know what they’re talking about. With a showcase website to demonstrate your expertise, you can create all the content you want and therefore prove your capability.

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How we design our little big showcase websites

A showcase website that stands out

As mentioned earlier, your showcase website should reflect the image of your business. Your visitors essentially come to your site to find out more about your business and see if it corresponds to their needs. You must therefore attempt to show what differentiates you from your competitors to encourage people to contact you. At My Little Big Web, we design 100% custom-made showcase websites with a “wow” factor! You can consult our corporate website portfolio here:

A showcase website reflecting your image

Our web design and programming teams work alongside you to create a showcase website that stands out and leads to conversions. Our method of designing your website is simple: we ask you to show us two or three corporate websites that you like (and what you about them) and two or three showcase sites you don’t like (and what you don’t like about them). This way, we discover your tastes and expectations. Our creators know what direction they need to go in to design the perfect showcase website for you.

A corporate website at the top of search results

Having a corporate website is not enough to attract new customers and increase your rate of contact. Essentially, you aren’t the only one communicating online and some of your competitors were perhaps present before you arrived. That’s why My Little Big Web also supports you in setting up your SEO strategy so that your corporate website shows up first on specific search results. We will then create your corporate website while taking into account the search terms that are most likely to attract qualified traffic.

Follow your corporate website performance

When we create your site, our SEO experts (certified by Google) will search for strategic keywords based on the search volume and the geographic area you are targeting. We will then create your corporate website taking into account these keywords, which will allow you to attract qualified traffic. We will also set up audience and traffic analysis tools (such as Google Analytics) so that you can track your statistics and gather data to help guide your web marketing strategy (number of visitors per month, languages spoken, type of equipment used, average time spent on the site, pages visited, etc.). The possibilities are endless. We can also send you monthly performance reports with recommendations to help you improve your performance.

Our little big realizations

Little big testimonials

  • Thanks to MLBW for your support, your creativity, your professionalism and your dynamic teamwork throughout our experience with you.

    This was a great progression for us.

    We recommend it to everyone, whether professionals or amateurs!


    Maxime Bélisle
    Maxime Bélisle Founder of lhorloger.ca
  • A BIG THANKS to the team at My Little Big Web for such a beautiful website.

    The team really listened to my input, and was quite responsive and efficient throughout the entire process.

    I have absolutely no regrets in my choice of your agency, as you gave me exactly what I wanted; all with impeccable service 🙂

    Laura Belfadla
    Laura Belfadla Académie Végétale
  • Thanks to all the My Little Big Web team for the professional design of our internet website.

    The work was done quickly and thoroughly.

    Marc Fleury
    Marc Fleury Founder of Biologiste MFleury