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My Little Big Web is a WordPress website maintenance company located in Montreal. Our WordPress developers give you peace of mind with a 100% secure website.

What is WordPress maintenance?

WordPress is a platform for building websites. To enhance your website’s functionality (like adding a contact form, multilingual support, social network share buttons, etc.), WordPress utilizes plugins, which are akin to apps on your phone. To maintain security and prevent hacking, it’s crucial to regularly update both WordPress and its plugins. These updates occur daily, even if your site has just been launched.

Monthly maintenance helps anticipate bugs and code malfunctions, optimize performance, and keep your site consistently updated to prevent issues. The developer will identify crucial updates and ensure they don’t interfere with your site’s functionality or custom theme. Our WordPress maintenance package includes a code analysis (php, css, html) for the first month, and necessary patching (if required) to facilitate maintenance by our team.

Is WordPress maintenance right for my business?


You want to protect your website against security breaches

Website security is no joke, especially with the new laws in Canada. It doesn’t matter if you have a fancy showcase site or a bustling ecommerce store – all websites need to be on guard. Hackers don’t discriminate, they go after any site with weak security.


You need a high-performance website

An up-to-date and secure website, complete with an SSL certificate, fast loading times, and bug-free experience, has a significant impact on your SEO and overall traffic. If your website fails to provide a satisfying user experience, visitors will bounce away and never come back. To ensure your site runs at peak performance, a maintenance service is absolutely essential.


Your hosting package does not include maintenance

Your hosting provider’s job is to rent you web space and make sure your domain name is pointing in the right direction. But with so many websites to handle, they can’t give optimal WP maintenance to everyone. That’s why you need a dedicated team.


You want to make sure your website is functional

Keep your site secure with a maintenance package that includes a team of WordPress developers ready to perform necessary checks and be there when you need them. No more wasting time and scrambling to find someone to fix bugs on your site.


Monthly pricing$125$250$375
Monthly backup stored on the server
Daily decentralized backup in the Google Drive cloud
WordPress updates
Theme updates
Extension and plugin updates
Monitoring and security
Uptime monitoring
Uptime monitoring with priority intervention
Enhanced security via Wordfence
Enhanced security via Wordfence Premium
2-Factor authentication
Security analysis
Performance optimization
Performance analysis
Cleaning / database optimization
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Secure your website with Montreal’s top-rate WordPress maintenance services

Our WordPress experts provide website maintenance for hundreds of clients of all shapes and sizes! Why not join them? Reach out to our team today for a free consultation.

Why choose our WordPress maintenance services?

Our team of WordPress experts maintains hundreds of websites of all sizes using a proven monitoring process. Contact our web agency today for a free quote.

Over 10 years of WordPress experience

Our website design and support services have been offered exclusively on WordPress since 2013. We’re familiar with other technologies, but we’ve made the choice to specialize only in WordPress to guarantee you the highest level of expertise. With WordPress accounting for 43% of the world’s websites, we’ve got enough to work with.

Direct access to WordPress developers

Want to chat directly with the web developer in charge of your site? Easy peasy! Cutting out the middleman can make things more efficient and ensure no information gets lost. With us, you’ll always have the same contact person, making communication a breeze.

When you reach out to our team for maintenance and support, everyone will be notified, and your dedicated developer will get back to you ASAP.

Total transparency on time spent

We offer time banks for a variety of tasks. We use time-tracking software that enables us to provide you with the highest level of detail on the time spent by the developer. Similar to a bank statement, you’ll have access to a breakdown of the time spent on each task, the date, the name of the developer, the description of the task, and the time remaining.

No commitment on your maintenance plan

Our clients stick with us because they want to, not because they have to. Whether you have a short-term need or are looking for a long-term partner, we can offer you the right maintenance contract.

Our contracts generally run on a monthly basis and can be stopped at any time, although any month started is due. Contact us to find out more.

Our clients say it best

Frankly, I can’t really think of any negative points to mention. I had to familiarize myself a little with Basecamp (the exchange platform), but all the instructions were very clear. Support was very responsive, and I never had to call the team repeatedly or anything. It’s really what I expected, and you’re a pleasure to work with!

Yannick Lafrance Project manager, Protection Incendie

I find the team really learned to work with me, and adapted to what I do and don’t know. Honestly, you’re the first agency to deliver on time!  To date I’m really very satisfied, and even internally there’s never been any question of saying: “Oh well, we can ask another agency so we can compare prices“. No, no, you don’t understand. I’ve got my team and my way of working!

Laurie Albert Digital Marketing Manager, EMD Batimo

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WordPress maintenance FAQs

Do you perform regular backups of my website?

Yes, our WordPress maintenance plans include regular backups of your website at every tier.

When is the best time to sign up for a monthly maintenance plan?

The best time to start a maintenance service is right after your website goes live. Why? Because chances are there are already updates waiting for you. When your developer initially set up your site, they installed a version of WordPress and plugins. However, if your website took several months to create and launch, it’s highly likely that updates are available to patch any security vulnerabilities that have been discovered. . Act fast and ensure your site is up to date!

Do you offer annual WordPress maintenance packages?

You can choose to pay for your monthly plan annually, but the maintenance will still be performed monthly. We don’t offer annual checks because we want to avoid being held responsible for any bugs that may occur on your site due to a lack of regular maintenance. The main purpose of maintenance is to prevent future site problems, rather than just fixing existing ones. That’s why we don’t recommend annual maintenance.

Do you offer web hosting in addition to maintenance?

No. We don’t recommend hosting your website with an agency. Unlike hosting companies, agencies typically have limited availability, operating only from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. This means that if you encounter any issues outside of their working hours, you’ll have to wait until the next business day for assistance.

By hosting your website with a hosting company instead, you have full control over your site, including the ability to back it up and switch service providers. Stay in control and choose a hosting company that works for you!

Is preventive maintenance necessary?

Yes. Our maintenance services are here to keep your site stable and bug-free. Without proper maintenance, a WordPress site can encounter issues, but with regular updates, it can last for over a decade. Want to learn more about our offers? Send us an email with your questions!

Are you interested in our WordPress website maintenance services? Then contact us today.

Contact our team today for more information about our WordPress website maintenance services.

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