Google Ads Management Services

My Little Big Web will set up, manage and optimize your Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to outrank your competitors and increase your sales.

What is Google Ads and why advertise on Google?

67% of Internet users who click on a Google Ad have the intention to make a purchase or contact the company. Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a platform where anyone can create an account and advertise. Our PPC agency in Montreal specializes in Google Ads, as it only charges customers when their ads are clicked, known as pay-per-click advertising.

If your business is looking to increase website traffic or quickly generate sales, our Google Ads-certified experts can provide advice on choosing keywords to rank in top positions on Google in your desired geographical area. Whether it’s media placement, targeting specific keywords, or showcasing your products through Google Shopping, our Google Ads agency can help manage your campaigns to achieve your goals.

Is advertising on Google Ads right for my business?


You want fast visibility on Google

Google Ads are the fastest way to get your small business to the top of Google search results. Our Google Partner-certified agency can set up Google advertising campaigns in a matter of hours. You’ll start seeing results the very next day and retain control of your budget at all times.


Your market is competitive and well-established

Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can take several months or even years to rank your website at the top of Google’s search results, Google Ads delivers almost instant results. With the right keyword selection, management and ongoing optimization by our certified experts, winning new customers is a breeze.


You need to target specific customers for a short period of time

Do you need to quickly boost sales of a particular product or service? Our Google Ads agency can tailor a paid search strategy to meet your needs and reach your potential customers. We’ll take care of everything, and your Google Ads campaigns can stop whenever you like.


Your competitors are running Google Ads

If your competitors are running ads on Google, they’re the first thing customers see when they perform a search (even if they don’t click on their ad). Keep in mind that your competitors may even bid on your brand name! Even if you have good SEO, targeting keywords on Google Ads will supercharge your visibility.

Our Google Ads management services

Google Ads account audit

If you’re already working with a Google Ads agency, or if you’re managing your digital campaigns yourself, our certified experts can perform a free audit and give you tips on how to improve your keyword selection, landing page, or ads to boost your performance.

It’s our way of showing you what we can do, and making sure we can genuinely help you achieve your customer acquisition goals. If we don’t think we can deliver a good ROI for your business, we’ll help you for free!

Google Ads campaign setup

As a certified Google Partner, our Montreal web agency has developed a sophisticated approach to fine-tune your online advertising campaigns. Our team of digital experts is eager to dive into a meaningful conversation with you about your business. We want to understand your goals, get to know your products or services, learn about your current customers, and discuss your competition. With this rich understanding, we’ll be able to create custom campaigns that are perfectly tailored to your objectives.

We’ll make sure you’re in the driver’s seat. You’ll get to check out and give the thumbs up to the keywords we pick, the ads we write, and the tracking system we set up. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of the strategy your personal specialist is suggesting. Once the search ads are up and running, we’re always open to tweaking things as needed to keep your campaign on point and effective.

Creation of impactful ads and optimized landing pages

The quality of Google Ads has a direct impact not only on the click-through rate but also on the bid price set by Google. The specialists at our Google Ads agency regularly pit ads against each other (through A/B testing) to ensure we’re betting on the most effective ones.

Your landing pages will drive conversions and directly influence the ROI of Google Ads campaigns. Our Google Ads experts have access to a team of developers and web designers to create landing pages or make on-page changes to your website to maximize your results.

Management and optimization of existing campaigns

If you are currently managing your campaigns yourself or working with a Google Ads agency but would like to benefit from our advice and management/optimization services, we can work with your existing campaigns.

After conducting a free audit, we will propose optimization strategies and create parallel campaigns without deleting your existing ones to see which strategy (the current one or the one we propose) performs better. If you simply want to change managers without making any changes to the campaigns, we can also ensure this continuity.

Our Google Ads process

Our team of digital marketing experts has completed hundreds of Web marketing projects of all sizes and in all industries! Why shouldn’t you? Contact our Web marketing agency today and get a free quote!


Assessing and auditing your campaigns

Your dedicated Google Ads expert is ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into a complimentary audit of your campaigns. They’ll take a close look at the steps you’ve already taken and pinpoint areas where we can deliver better results. If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of search engine advertising, don’t worry. Your specialist will walk you through our Google-certified approach and how we craft your campaigns to hit your targets.

Every Google Ads agency has its unique style of handling campaigns, and we’re no different. Our approach is grounded in tried-and-true techniques and a deep understanding of the inner workings of Google Ads.


Defining goals and choosing keywords

Your Google Ads specialist is all set to get to know you and your business better. They’ll ask you a series of questions about your company, your market, your competition, your strengths, and your customer base. They’re not just there to ask questions, though. They’ll also provide valuable advice and assist you in defining the list of keywords you want to rank for.

After a thorough review of your main competitors’ ad campaigns, we’ll break down our game plan to rocket you to the top of the search results. At our Google Ads agency, we treat your advertising campaigns as if they were our own, always keeping an eye on the prize – a solid return on your investment.


Validating your Google Ads campaign

Before we kick off your AdWords campaigns and take the reins on managing them, our Google Ads expert will share the ads we’ve meticulously designed for your approval. While we’re a certified Google Ads agency, we recognize that your expertise in your industry is unparalleled. That’s why we highly regard your insights when it comes to affirming the message we aim to communicate, the keywords we’re set to target, and the strategies we suggest to achieve our shared goals.

We’re more than willing to tweak your Google Ads campaigns based on your suggestions. After all, your satisfaction and success are what matter most to us.


Monitoring and optimizing the campaign

Your Google Ads campaign management and keyword performance analysis are diligently handled by your specialist on a daily basis. Google Ads operates on a bidding system, where Google determines each advertiser’s position based on a variety of factors such as ad quality, landing page, bid, and more, all in relation to your competition.

Your Google Ads specialist doesn’t just monitor your campaigns, but also keeps a vigilant eye on your competitors’ activities, ready to respond if any changes could potentially affect your performance. Plus, you can reach out to them anytime if you have any queries. They’re always available to assist you.


Monthly reporting and strategic fine-tuning

We’re a contemporary Google Ads agency based in Montreal, but we still value certain traditional practices, particularly when it comes to performance reporting. Instead of relying on automated systems, our experts personally handle this task. We believe it’s crucial for the specialist managing your Google Ads campaigns to take the time to craft your report, scrutinize the results, and implement suitable actions.

Sending a performance report at the end of each month serves as a great checkpoint to review the progress made. We strongly encourage you to engage with your specialist, asking any questions you might have. We’re here to clarify and guide you every step of the way.

Put your trust in one of the best Google Ads agencies in Montreal

Our team of Google Ads experts has carried out hundreds of digital campaigns of all sizes and in all industries! Why shouldn’t you? Contact our Web marketing agency today for a free quote!

Why choose our Montreal Google Ads agency?

Google-certified experts

Every expert on our team at our Google Ads agency holds a Google Partner certification, and they renew it annually to ensure we continue to deliver top-tier expertise to our clients. My Little Big Web is also a certified Google partner, signifying our commitment to adhere to Google’s recommended best practices.

Should any uncertainties arise, we have the advantage of reaching out to our contacts at Google. They’re always ready to delve into campaign analysis and provide us with valuable advice. We’re not just working for you; we’re working with you, backed by the full support of our Google connections.

24/7 access to your account

Our campaign management operates with complete transparency. Our experts either work directly from your existing Google Ads account or set up a new one under your name if you don’t already have one. This gives you real-time access to your performance data, including top-performing keywords, the budget utilized, and the enhancements made by your dedicated Google Ads specialist. And don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the platform – we’ll guide you on how to navigate your account as needed. We believe in keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Transparent and ethical management fees

At our Google Ads agency, we don’t base our charges on the percentage of your budget spent. We believe in a fair approach that doesn’t incentivize us financially when you spend more. Instead, our management fees are calculated based on the actual time we invest in working on your Google Ads campaigns.

If you’re curious about the time dedicated to your campaigns and what tasks were performed, feel free to ask your Google Ads expert. They can provide a detailed breakdown to give you a clear understanding of where your investment is going.

No commitment

We take great pride in being a Montreal-based Google Ads agency known for the high caliber of our work. Our clients choose to stay with us because we consistently deliver tangible results. Consequently, we don’t impose fixed terms of engagement on our clients. All we request is a reasonable notice period if you decide to halt or pause your Google Ads campaigns. This allows us to manage our other clients effectively and make sure we’re not turning away potential clients who could have benefited from our services in your stead.


Honestly, it always goes well. Communications are effective. The quality of the work (texts, visuals) meets my standards. I also appreciate the team’s proactivity when there’s a problem on our side (like our server crashing, at one point). It saved me a lot of trouble to have you flag the issue so that I could then take steps on my own to fix it. I appreciate this type of collaborative partnership.

Alexandre Chevalier Seguin Marketing Director, Chevalier Seguin

I was looking for a company that I could trust and that I could really connect with. An agency that responds quickly to its customers, that is close to its clients, and that takes the project to heart. With My Little Big Web, I’ve really found that rare gem. The return on investment is really there. I never hesitate to recommend your services whenever I have the opportunity. You’re reliable, efficient and competitively priced. We get our money’s worth.

Eric Giroux CEO, DiscoTech

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Google Ads FAQs

How much should I budget for my Google Ads?

We can approach the question of the Google Ads advertising budget in several ways. If it’s your first time considering doing business with a Google Ads agency, it’s possible to start with a small budget ($1,000 – $1,500/month). Then, it’s about seeing how the advertising campaigns perform and making adjustments.

In some cases, our Google Ads experts can conduct a more in-depth analysis before launching the Google Ads campaigns, helping you define an optimal media budget to boost your performance and achieve your goals. For example, if you’ve already worked with an agency specializing in online advertising, if you have active campaigns, or if you want to keep the same budget and get more results.

Our certified specialists will analyze metrics like your quality score and cost per click. Starting with an average conversion rate (conversion rate) between 2% and 6% (this percentage can vary depending on the industry), the average cost per click observed for the targeted keywords divided by the conversion rate will give you an average cost per lead that you could achieve. The remaining question is: how many leads do you need to generate a sale and is this cost per lead profitable?

If this isn’t clear to you, contact us so one of our Google Ads specialists can provide a concrete example that will speak to you better.

Is Google Ads right for my business?

There are several ways to determine whether Google Ads advertising is suitable for your business or not:

  • Do your competitors use Google Ads advertising?
  • Can your customers search for your services on Google?
  • Have you tried Google Ads advertising before?

There are countless reasons to advertise on Google AdWords. The best way to know if a marketing strategy is suitable for your business or not is to try it. As a Google Ads agency, we work with all types of businesses in Quebec and Montreal and all types of industries. Most businesses can benefit from the enormous potential of Google Ads advertising if they take the time to use this tool properly.

Also, it’s important to distinguish between the budget you invest in Google ads and the “human time” associated with creating and managing your campaigns. Whether you decide to entrust the mandate to a Google Ads advertising agency such as My Little Big Web, do it yourself, or ask one of your employees, you need to account for this time in your profitability calculations.

Call us or send us a message so we can provide you with a personalized evaluation.

Why use a Google Ads agency instead of running my own account?

The Google Ads advertising platform is accessible to everyone, and anyone can create an account to build their own campaigns to boost visibility and acquire new customers. In fact, we strongly encourage you to try doing it yourself, to create your own campaigns and get to know the platform. This way, you’ll learn more about the pros and cons of advertising on Google AdWords. However, be careful with the bids and the budget you set so as not to end up with a bill of $1,000 or more in one day (it can go fast).

Before deciding to work with our Google Ads agency in Montreal or to go it alone, you should consider the following points:

  • Do you have the time and desire to learn how to use the Google Ads platform?
  • Will you set aside other important tasks to be able to manage your media campaigns yourself?
  • What will you do if the performance does not meet your expectations?
  • Do you have the means to delegate the management of your digital campaigns?

If you think you have the time and desire to manage your Google Ads advertising yourself, go for it.

If you have (for example) $500/month to invest in your Google Ads advertising campaigns, including agency fees, try doing it yourself. Indeed, a search engine advertising agency often has an hourly rate between $100 and $130. With a total budget of $500/month, they won’t have time to do their job properly.

If you have the means to delegate this task, the return on investment between the time saved for you and the knowledge of the Google Ads agency that perfectly masters the platform, is worth it. The Google Ads expert in charge of your media campaigns will apply best practices to increase your quality level and lower the costs associated with your campaigns.

Is Google Ads worth the investment?

As explained in the question “How much should I budget for my Google Ads?”, you can make forecasts based on relatively simple calculations. For example, you could calculate the cost per click, the conversion rate, the cost per lead, and of course the number of leads needed to generate a sale.

Since it’s impossible to answer this question without taking into account the elements that characterize your business, the simplest thing is to contact us for a free audit. We can then analyze the targeted keywords, your industry, the best bidding strategy, etc.

As a recognized Google Ads agency in Montreal and a certified Google partner, we are here to tell you if Google Ads advertising is suitable for your business and if it will be profitable for you. Clients who decide to entrust us with their Google Ads advertising campaigns receive a performance report at the end of each month. If we think the results will not meet your expectations, your Google Ads expert has no interest in encouraging you to invest in this platform.

We could consider changing the web marketing strategy and consider other options such as advertising on Facebook Ads, an SEO strategy, or any other means of generating online sales for you.

How quickly will my Google Ads deliver results?

To answer this question effectively, it is important to define what we mean by “results”. While we all know that the goal is to boost your visibility and generate sales, appearing on the first page of Google, driving traffic to your website, and receiving calls from interested individuals are already considered results in themselves. The timeline for achieving these results can vary, typically ranging from a few hours to a few days once your Google Ads expert has launched the campaigns.

However, the timeframe will also depend on various factors, so we recommend contacting us directly to speak with a Google Ads expert who can address all your questions.

Can I manage my own Google Ads campaigns?

While anyone can handle their own campaigns, becoming a Google Ads expert takes time. The Google Ads platform is accessible to all, allowing you to create your own campaigns. As a certified Google Partner agency, we specialize in creating advertising campaigns for clients. We also offer support for those who prefer managing their campaigns independently. You have the option to create your own campaigns and seek assistance from our Google Ads experts, or you can entrust us with the complete management.

Can I pause my campaign?

There is no set minimum time period for running Google Ads advertising. You have the flexibility to pause your campaigns whenever you need to, whether it’s due to seasonal changes, financial constraints, or because you have achieved your desired results. Your dedicated Google Ads expert can easily pause your campaigns upon request and reactivate them at your convenience.

Can I choose when to display my Google Ads?

Certainly! During the initial call or meeting, your Google Ads specialist will inquire about your business hours and the specific days and times you prefer to generate website traffic. This information allows us to establish an ad calendar, which is considered a highly effective approach when crafting Google Ads campaigns.

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