Our little big clients

They put their trust in us!

Our little big clients

Parkinson Québec
Global Ressources humaines
Petrie Raymond
Groupe Somavrac
Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal Fondation
L’Association des bibliothèques publiques du Québec
Abeilles Busy Bees
Brigade Volante
Casa Vogue
Clair de Lune
CLD Beauharnois-Salaberry
CPA Montréal
De Main De Maître
Fillion Electronique
Hydro Mobile
Les Aristopattes
Projet Harmonie
Salon des TEQ
Sportvac Voyages
SDC Hochelaga Maisonneuve
SEPB Québec
Go Cube
Vinum Design
Piknic Électronik Montréal
ABC environnement
Bel habitat
Smart Reno
CÉGEP à distance
Vertical solutions
Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec
Caisse Desjardins Réseau santé
Trudeau Maison
Groupe Infynia
L’Échelle Européenne
Vitre Expert
Hôtel Bonaventure
HEC Montréal
Société de compensation en assurance médicaments du Québec
Fondation Bruny Surin
Chambre de Commerce Française
Alliance touristique
Carrefour jeunesse emploi Anjou
Montreal affichage
Académie végétale
ASL Lintech
Atelier & Saveurs
Cadmium Marketing
Centre Équestre Richebourg
Construction Labrique
Corto Rev
Droit des PME
Groupe Laporte
Groupe Mission
Mission Agile
Rumina Naturals
Secret Sensation
Toitures Suprêmes du Québec
Collaboration interprofessionnelle
Le Pain Quotidien Canada
Fondation Sybilla Hesse
Fondation Art de Vivre
Focus on French Cinema
Fruits & Passions
Groupe Finaction

Our clients say…

  • Thank My Little Big Web for this support!

    We asked for advice to improve our Google advertising strategy of our school and the results of their optimizations were immediate. We will work our SEO soon, and we know now who can help us!

    See you soon!

    Yoann Blot
    Yoann Blot 3WA Formation Web Inc.
  • I chose to work with the MLB Web team because they know how to recommend the right strategy and explain the key concepts of web marketing to me.

    Maryse Grob
    Maryse Grob President of the French Chamber of Commerce, Quebec Department
  • My Little Big Web will be one of the famous online marketing agency in Montreal.

    The professionalism and diversity of the team make them trustworthy people.

    Cyril Moreau
    Cyril Moreau Founder of Go Rock It
  • As an entrepreneur who realizes its first project, it is important to get good advice. I do not think it is easy to build a custom website for a client who has a vague image in mind, and Little Big Team has been able to shape my ideas and offer me solutions both Site functionalities level and at the level Design.

    The result of my collaboration with My Little big Web is a fluid site providing an optimal user experience for online booking site, simple but effective.

    For those who doubt, Willo is very competent and responsive despite the a priori we can have on the canine species.

    Kevin Crozet
    Kevin Crozet Founder of Navette Ski Montréal
  • For the creation of our micro website, we were looking for: listening, advice, creativity, speed, efficiency, expertise. We found all this by working with Laurent and his team!

    A big thank you for this beautiful work!

    Eric Boutié
    Eric Boutié Promoter of the career event
  • It is not always easy to choose among the multitude of web agencies in Montreal. The offers are as wide as their rates! I found what I was looking with the My Little Big Web team: listening, creativity, responsiveness, timeliness of production, professionalism.

    Our new website marks a real change to the previous and we are fully satisfied.

    We are only at the beginning of our collaboration with My Little Big Web but no doubt we will achieve our objectives as maintaining a fruitful collaboration.

    Anne Guilloux
    Anne Guilloux Marketing Manager at Pain Quotidien Canada
  • It is not always easy to choose among the multitude of web agencies in Montreal. The offers are as wide as their rates! I found what I was looking with the My Little Big Web team: listening, creativity, responsiveness, timeliness of production, professionalism.

    Our new website marks a real change to the previous and we are fully satisfied.

    We are only at the beginning of our collaboration with My Little Big Web but no doubt we will achieve our objectives as maintaining a fruitful collaboration.

    Anne Guilloux
    Anne Guilloux Marketing Manager at Supreme Metal Roofing of Quebec
  • I express my sincere gratitude to the entire team of My Little Big Web for its assistance in my Bruny Surin Foundation.

    When I met the Little Big Team, I quickly felt the professionalism and enthusiasm of everyone in the idea of participating in the development of the Foundation. They were able to put me at ease by answering my questions in a very transparent manner and providing concrete solutions. The Bruny Surin Foundation's mission is to stimulate and encourage young secondary and post-secondary students to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. Therefore I had a team able to convey this message clearly and effectively.

    Today, I am proud that My Little Big Web handles the management of the website and the online communication of the Bruny Surin Foundation.

    Little BIG thank you to Team!

    Bruny Surin
    Bruny Surin Gold Medalist at the Atlanta Olympics
  • After contacting several agencies to create a website of our Prodimax division, I quickly concluded that My Little Big Web was by far the best choice for several factors; not only truly reasonable fees, but also a team of competent, creative and very friendly professionals. They quickly provided a site that complied to all our demands with the desired look.

    I recommend them to all.

    Jean Melançon
    Jean Melançon Marketing Coordinator– Robco Inc.
  • I want to thank My Little Big Web and its team for the quality of the work done on my website. This agency has really listened to my requirements and was able to make understandable explanations. After detailing the various options that could optimize my website, the agency designed it following all of my requirements.

    My patients regularly congratulate me on the visual and functional qualities of my website.

    I am really satisfied with the result.

    Olivier Rebillet
    Olivier Rebillet Founder of the Athleis Clinic
  • I had been reading some MY LITTLE BIG WEB articles that I enjoyed a lot, therefore I decided to contact the agency.

    In Switzerland, I had not found the answer to my questions, but thanks to My Little Big Web, I was quickly supported by a dynamic, efficient, friendly and very attentive staff.

    My website was in need of SEO, new content, refreshment, of a marketing strategy ... all this in a short time and for the right price.

    A big THANK YOU to your agency for guiding me and for targeting my needs in a quick and professional manner.

    I also raised an important point about you, which is your greeting! It is very good!

    Thank you for your work My Little Very BIG Web!

    Valentina Schick
    Valentina Schick Founder of ma-demoiselle.ch
  • My little big web is composed of a dynamic team, attentive to the needs of its customers.

    Throughout the development of my project, innovative proposals and in line with my expectations have demonstrated a good understanding of my subject.

    The result is up to my expectations.

    Adrien Boizette
    Adrien Boizette Founder of Spin Tender
  • I must absolutely underline the professionalism of the superb team from My Little Big Web!

    A young and dynamic team who listen to my needs and are very quick to respond. I recommend them without hesitation!

    I have found a long-term partner for my business!

    Éric Giroux
    Éric Giroux CEO of Productions Disco-Tech
  • Thanks to My Little Big Web for the beautiful site you have created for me.

    I will not hesitate to recommend your services.

    Brice Maville
    Brice Maville CEO of MB Tech Solutions
  • Thanks to all the My Little Big Web team for the professional design of our internet website.

    The work was done quickly and thoroughly.

    Marc Fleury
    Marc Fleury Founder of Biologiste MFleury
  • Thanks to all of you. You are professionals.

    You work fast and you know how to listen to your customers' needs.

    Looking forward to working with you again.

    France Pelletier
    France Pelletier CEO, MBA, CRHA of France Pelletier Conseil
  • Thanks to MLBW for your support, your creativity, your professionalism and your dynamic teamwork throughout our experience with you.

    This was a great progression for us.

    We recommend it to everyone, whether professionals or amateurs!


    Maxime Bélisle
    Maxime Bélisle Founder of lhorloger.ca
  • On behalf of the Sibylla Hesse foundation, I would like to thank all the MLBW team for their efforts in building our site.

    The result corresponds to our expectations thanks to your approach centred on listening to and understanding your customers' needs in addition to your great professionalism.

    Special thanks to Laurent, Jennifer and Steven for their patience.

    Henri Bradet
    Henri Bradet Coordinator ( Sibylla Hesse Foundation )
  • For exchanging points of view and even some files, I am particularly happy to recommend the reliability of this marketing agency in Montreal.

    A small, light team who work on details intelligently, who press the right buttons and who do a long-lasting job.

    If you need more than a consultant MLBW should be put on your "shopping" list.

    Kristof from Référencement PME.

    Kristof Maret
    Kristof Maret Founder of Référencement PME
  • A BIG THANKS to the team at My Little Big Web for such a beautiful website.

    The team really listened to my input, and was quite responsive and efficient throughout the entire process.

    I have absolutely no regrets in my choice of your agency, as you gave me exactly what I wanted; all with impeccable service 🙂

    Laura Belfadla
    Laura Belfadla Académie Végétale
  • We have been working with MLBW for a few months now and are already seeing the results of their work on our website. We are getting more traffic through organic search and referrals, and more readers for our blog. We would definitely recommend them, and look forward to continuing our work with them.

    Bruno Riccio A2R
  • They are an amazing team! They are meticulous and care for their customer like no other company. They can solve anything you ask them, and won't charge you extra fees all over the place like other company do for every bit of change you ask on your website. They also have a very supportive customer service, even after they are done with your website they still take care of answering your questions and fixing bugs and stuff for you free of extra charge to make sure your website always run smootly. I love them, they are the best!

    Kevin Perron
    Kevin Perron Maitre de l'Auto
  • Thanks Max for your advices in helping me develop my business. I really apreciate that you took the time to give me some good SEM and business tips to help my company grow.

    Julien Desrosiers
    Julien Desrosiers Status Machine
  • Highly professional team. Their services are clear and detailed. I received the best UX analysis I have ever seen from them. I recommend them without any hesitation.

    Steve Racine
    Steve Racine CEO of Soin CV
  • The collaborators we work with are competent, have real expertise, are available and attentive to our problems and know how to adapt/project themselves into our professional world.

    Sandrine Boisselier
    Sandrine Boisselier Head of Marketing and Digital Communication Department CORPIQ-Kangalou

Our commitment: your satisfaction

We work on projects for clients ranging from small, medium and big sized businesses, as well as projects for public entities and self-owned firms. We can provide flexible solutions for every context, adapting to meet everyone’s needs.

Our competitive rates enable us also to work on behalf of other agencies (as a white-label) and on a collaborative basis. In these cases, we work in their name.

Listed below are some of the clients we have collaborated with in the creation of their websites, the development of their SEO strategy and advertising campaigns or their webcasting events.

Keeping informed, anticipating, testing, learning and understanding is what enables us to evolve with the web in order to offer our clients even more creative, efficient and successful solutions.

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