We’re proud to contribute to their success

We want to express our gratitude to all the companies that have placed their trust in us, helping us to become a top-rated web agency in Montreal.


The story often began with a simple phone call or meeting at the agency. Then, the chemistry between the teams took hold and we were able to start a beautiful collaboration.

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Here are some examples of messages left by our clients on our Google Business profile. It’s always a real pleasure when you share your satisfaction and the impact we have on your business. If you are not yet a client of the agency, we will do everything possible to deserve a testimonial from you 🙂

I found the team very professional, readily available and attentive to my needs. Of course, creating a website requires a lot of imagination, but the ideas I had were listened to and respected. The personalized, recorded training is a really good idea, because I can refer to it and share it with my colleagues if I need to. I really appreciated the fact that you tried to make me self-sufficient once the site was delivered.

Maude Esbérard,

Maude Esbérard,

Project Manager, Tandem Ahunstic

I really felt supported from beginning to end. Everything was very clear and transparent from the moment we submitted our proposal. In addition to the client support, the services are right in line with what we asked for (even in terms of animations), so our experience has been very positive. The Basecamp exchange platform is very easy to use and stays up-to-date (keeps track of all exchanges). Things went really well with the teams, so I have only positive things to say about this experience.

Margaux Le Nignol

Margaux Le Nignol

General Manager, DAO BE

Frankly, I can’t really think of any negative points to mention. I had to familiarize myself a little with Basecamp (the exchange platform), but all the instructions were very clear. Support was very responsive, and I never had to call the team repeatedly or anything. It’s really what I expected, and you’re a pleasure to work with!

Yannick Lafrance

Yannick Lafrance

Project manager, Protection Incendie

I am satisfied with the SEO services. I’ve relied on the team for 4 or 5 years. I’ve always appreciated the service. Every year our site gets bigger and stronger. I don’t think I have anything to do with it; it’s really you who do it! I really feel that Marie (who works on my case) really wants to help me and is interested in the site. So yes, the results are there and it’s worth it.

Guillaume Tremblay

Guillaume Tremblay

Real Estate Broker, RE/Max


Getting written testimonials from our clients (especially when they are businesses) is already a huge satisfaction. The fact that they also take the time to express their satisfaction in video form is the ultimate stage for us 🙂

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