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Web marketing agency in montreal

Take control of your digital marketing strategy.

Why choose my little big web for your web marketing?

All the digital marketing services you will ever need

Whether you are looking for search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads etc.), email marketing or community management, we offer all the Web Marketing services you will ever need. We also provide comprehensive support and a dedicated project manager.

A team of developers available at all times

Our Web Marketing agency in Montreal has an experienced team of web developers (backend and frontend) and graphic designers (all employees at My Little Big Web) trained in Digital Marketing and ready to work on your site or create a new website for you.

No subcontracting

My Little Big Web has a “zero outsourcing” policy, which means lower costs, better quality control and deadlines, as well as the opportunity for our clients to meet each Web Marketing expert at our Montreal office to better understand the results of our work.

Proven expertise

As a Google Premier partner and speakers/instructors at Isarta and the East Montreal Chamber of Commerce, My Little Big Web is recognized as a trusted partner when it comes to hiring a Montreal agency to provide your Web Marketing services.

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Our web marketing agency’s little big services

Agence de SEO à Montréal

Search engine optimization (SEO)

70% of the traffic generated by Google comes from organic search results. Our SEO experts rank you on the first page of Google for all the keywords you want. Our practices are 100% Google-certified and our results are long-lasting. Click on the link below for more information.
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Agence de publicité Web à Montréal

Online advertising (SEM)

Whether you want to advertise on Google (Google Ads), Facebook (Facebook Ads) or YouTube and LinkedIn, My Little Big Web has all the certifications required to support you in your online advertising strategy. Concrete results, competitive prices, a transparent approach and no forced commitment period. Click below to learn more.
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Experts Web Analytique

Web Analytics

At a time when Web Marketing expenses are increasing, it is increasingly important to analyze and track your performance accurately to make sure that your budget is being invested wisely. My Little Big Web holds Google Analytics certification and regularly hosts conferences in Montreal on the subject, in conjunction with the training we offer in partnership with Isarta. Click on the link below to learn more.
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Agence réseaux sociaux à Montréal

Social media management

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even YouTube, our digital marketing agency My Little Big Web has developed a brand image that stands out from the crowd. We apply the same practices for our clients to help them stand out and capitalize on these powerful online marketing platforms. Click on the link below to find out how we will help you.
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Agence expérience utilisateur

User experience

Whether it concerns Web Marketing or website creation/redesign, your website’s user experience has a major impact on your brand image and the sales you generate. Our user experience experts will take your website to the next level. Click on the link below to find out how.
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Stratégie marketing Web à Montréal

Web strategy

If you don’t know what to choose between SEO, online advertising, community management (etc.) or how to allocate your digital marketing budget as efficiently as possible, you’ve come to the right place. Our web strategy experts will develop a customized action plan that details every step so that you have a clear picture of how we carve out your spot in this little BIG web.
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With a team of more than 20 experts, My Little Big Web is the Montreal web marketing agency you need.

Little big web marketing case studies

8 million in additional sales revenue in less than 12 months!

8 million in additional sales revenue in less than 12 months!

A company dives deep into SEO!

A company dives deep into SEO!

Artificial intelligence in your home!

Artificial intelligence in your home!

Little big testimonials about our web marketing agency in montreal

  • I chose to work with the MLB Web team because they know how to recommend the right strategy and explain the key concepts of web marketing to me.

    Maryse Grob
    Maryse Grob President of the French Chamber of Commerce, Quebec Department
  • The collaborators we work with are competent, have real expertise, are available and attentive to our problems and know how to adapt/project themselves into our professional world.

    Sandrine Boisselier
    Sandrine Boisselier Head of Marketing and Digital Communication Department CORPIQ-Kangalou
  • Highly professional team. Their services are clear and detailed. I received the best UX analysis I have ever seen from them. I recommend them without any hesitation.

    Steve Racine
    Steve Racine CEO of Soin CV

Our little big customer reference

PME Montréal
Mission 100 tonnes
Centre de prévention de la radicalisation menant à la violence
Centre Action
Regroupement pour la valorisation de la paternité
Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal Fondation
Velvet Management
Tourisme Gaspésie
Banque National
Remax Dynamique
L'agence Web à Montréal qui fait décoller votre présence Web

Your website creation project starts with an idea…
we’ll bring it to life with a combination of technology and expertise!

Agence marketing Web Montréal questions

Our most frequently asked web marketing questions

While we are a Montreal-based Web Marketing agency, we do not limit ourselves to working with companies located in Montreal. We have customers throughout Quebec and Canada, as well as in the United States, Europe, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We highlight our location in Montreal for people who are looking for a “local” agency that they can easily visit. Moreover, pointing out that we are in Montreal informs people (including our French friends who find us on that we are not located in France. This does not really change anything, but it is relevant information for some people. However, our Montreal location does not prevent us from helping you work on your web marketing for regions outside Montreal, Canada or North America. Google does not take into account who is working on your digital marketing.

What do you do when looking for a specific professional or company’s services? For example, when looking for a restaurant, a dentist, a plumber or an insurance company? You go online. Even if you don’t use the internet, your customers certainly do. Although we are a web marketing agency, we believe that traditional marketing (print, radio, television) always delivers good results and can be part of your digital marketing strategy. On the other hand, traditional marketing doesn’t let you accurately measure the results (and therefore your returns) in relation to the amount you invest.

Every action performed in digital marketing is measurable (number of views, clicks, calls, website visits, contact form submissions, etc.). It is therefore much easier to measure the return on investment for your digital marketing strategy than a traditional one. Moreover, web marketing provides greater flexibility to change your advertising messages. Who’s never seen a spelling error on a metro station poster or an ad promoting something past the date displayed?

That said, not all companies need digital marketing and one of a web marketing agency’s tasks is to study your goals and determine whether you should invest in a digital marketing strategy. As you can see at the very top of this page, we offer businesses, SMEs or large organizations a free quote. At My Little Big Web, one of the founders contacts you directly, not a salesperson! You simply need to call us or fill out our contact form to get a response within 24 hours. You can explain your project and we will recommend the best course of action. If you would like to come and meet us, we invite you to our Montreal office, located 5 minutes walking distance from the Préfontaine metro station.

A web marketing strategy can cost the same price as a car, a house, a concert ticket or even a dentist appointment. It all depends on your needs and the level of quality you expect. In fact, it’s very difficult to answer this question precisely without first analyzing your company, your market and your goals. It’s also important to analyze where to begin: have web marketing actions already been implemented in the past or is this the first time you’ve used a web marketing agency? Is the competition fierce or are you the only one in your market?

What value do you attribute to being on the first page of Google for the services you offer? You’re most likely unsure how much you should invest in your web marketing strategy and that’s why you’re reading this content. The best approach is to contact us so we can answer your questions, as well as provide you with information on the amounts generally invested in web marketing for companies within your industry. This involves no commitment on your part and no quotes will be sent your way if you don’t want them.

That’s an excellent idea! Whether or not you can allocate a significant amount of your budget to digital marketing, it’s always recommended to get involved to gain new knowledge and master your web marketing strategy. This effectively reduces your costs since the work you do won’t have to be done by our teams. Additionally, we can review the work performed to make sure everything is in order.

We can also train you to become self-sufficient and enable you to independently manage your web marketing. Keep in mind, however, that we are a digital marketing agency and not a school. We can therefore assist you to the best of our abilities, but it won’t stand in for formal training at an educational institution.

The documents we provide (reports, audits, studies, analyses, etc.) are always very detailed to help you understand every facet of your digital marketing. As such, you inevitably learn new things and you can make an appointment with the web marketing expert who drafted the report. You can ask them all the questions you have in mind to fully grasp each concept.

We often meet small business managers that have just created their website, only to find themselves without any budget to invest in web marketing. Essentially, they focused on the first step (website creation) but neglected to allocate a portion of their budget to digital marketing. The fact that you’re reading this shows that you are forward thinking (which is a great quality to have in web marketing).

As a general rule, we recommend that your website expenses be between 25-50% of your digital expenses for the year you plan to get started. The first year is often a transitional period since your budget is lower once the web marketing strategy is launched and effective. It’s very important to remember the following: a website (even the most beautifully designed one) is useless if no one visits! If you have a budget of $10,000 to create your site and launch your digital strategy, try to avoid spending more than $2,500 to $5,000 in website design because web marketing is what will help you generate revenue online.

It’s therefore very important to separate your “website creation” budget from your “web marketing” budget so you don’t back yourself into a corner before the second stage (online visibility and website traffic generation). If you don’t have the means to set up everything you want on your website without tapping into your “web marketing” budget, ask us to recommend what choices can be made with respect to the initial budget. There are always strategic decisions that can be made, and this is one of our goals when tasked with your web marketing.

Once you’ve decided to entrust us with your web marketing strategy, we create a new project via our online project manager and contact you to explain how it works. We then plan an appointment (phone or face-to-face) with Eugenie, our President and head of the web marketing division, because she makes it a point to introduce herself to each new client. This is also a good time to discuss the goals and how we plan on achieving them.

As explained above, we place great importance on human relations and close relationships with our clients. It’s therefore important for us to welcome you to our little big team. Based on the services you have chosen, we send you the list of information we need to start the work (access codes, main competitors, internal documents, etc.). We then put the various measures in place and have you approve the strategy.

Once the digital strategy is defined, the measures have been put in place and we have your approval, we implement everything online and start the analysis of results and the daily management of your digital strategy. At the end of each month, we send you a performance report with an overview of all the actions performed, the results obtained and the following month’s objectives. Remember that you can always visit the agency or ask for a phone appointment to discuss the results or have one of our experts answer your questions.

Yes. We know that not all companies have the ability to delegate their entire web marketing strategy to an agency due to their budget. That’s why we’ve created flexible plans that allow our customers to use our digital marketing services only when needed.

We can therefore intervene on an ad hoc basis according to your needs and lend support at any stage of your digital strategy: content writing or reviewing the content you submit, creation or optimization of your Google AdWords/Facebook Advertising campaigns, working on your website design, troubleshooting, studying the competition, SEO, web analytics, coaching etc.

Only you can answer this question. Essentially, although we’re a web marketing agency known for the quality of our services, our approach is not necessarily suited to all companies. It’s therefore important to contact us first (by calling us, writing us or making an appointment at the agency).

We can then introduce ourselves and determine if a collaboration between our companies will lead to a win-win result. You can also continue visiting our website by browsing our portfolio, our client section, our team page or our blog to get a glimpse into the spirit and expertise of our web agency.

If, once you have become more informed about us, you think we would make a good team, don’t hesitate to contact us. You will quickly discover if your intuition was right and we’re worthy of your trust.

Depending on the digital marketing services you have requested, the results start to appear between one week and three months in. An advertising strategy on Google AdWords can be implemented faster than an SEO strategy or complete website redesign, which also requires the revision and optimization of all your content. In any case, we follow up on a regular basis and provide guidance from day one. Consequently, if you apply all the tips we provide, you will see results very quickly.