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My Little Big Web is a certified online advertising agency offering top-rated paid advertising services that will rank you at the top of the SERPs.

What is PPC and why is it important?

PPC, which stands for pay-per-click, encompasses all forms of paid advertising on the internet. Nowadays, digital marketing accounts for more than 55% of all marketing efforts, and companies are looking to increase their investment in online advertising. When it comes to effectiveness, internet advertising takes the lead, surpassing traditional advertising methods by a long shot.

If you partner with a Montreal PPC agency like My Little Big Web, you’ll be able to reach a specific audience and accurately measure your return on investment. Our online advertising agency can assist you in crafting the perfect paid advertising strategy for your business, or analyze your current data and provide recommendations.

As a full-service web agency, we’re here to support you throughout the entire digital journey. From PPC, SEO, and social media management to website support including graphic design, branding, and web design—we’ve got you covered.

Is paid advertising right for your business?


Are you looking for fast results?

If your business is looking to generate sales quickly, online advertising is the perfect solution. Once your ad campaigns are prepared to go live (within approximately 10 days), you will start receiving qualified traffic, and our experts will continuously optimize pay-per-click actions in real time as necessary.


Is your business seasonal?

Whether your business experiences seasonal fluctuations, like the construction industry, or you simply require new customers on a one-time basis, our PPC team is here to help. We create digital ad campaigns that can be easily activated or deactivated as needed. The best part? When you pause the paid advertising campaign, you won’t have to pay a thing.


Do your competitors use paid ads?

When you come across the word “sponsored” on Google during a search, it means that it’s a paid advertisement through Google Ads. Surprisingly, even your competitors can use your brand name in their online ads (yes, Google permits this!). If your competitors are relying on paid advertising, it might be worth your time to explore this avenue as well.


Do you have the budget?

When you choose My Little Big Web as your PPC agency for online advertising, it’s important to consider the costs of paid media (such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Amazon Ads, etc.) as well as management fees. Many small businesses who invest in Internet advertising and outsource management typically have a minimum budget of $1,500 per month, which covers everything.

Our online advertising services

Google Ads & Bing Ads

Google Ads is the dominant online advertising platform globally, capturing a staggering 90.6% market share. It has become an essential tool for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to generate online revenue. Following closely in second place is Bing Ads, which is owned by Microsoft and has been incorporating artificial intelligence into its operations. These platforms operate on the principle of “pay-per-click”, meaning that you only pay when people actually visit your website.

Our Google Ads agency specializes in creating and optimizing paid ad campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads. We offer an industry-best service that puts you in control of your spending. Our certified specialists are available at all times to address any questions you may have.

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Social Media Advertising

The average person spends 2 hours 22 minutes daily on social media, with 54% engaging with paid ads. Each platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest.) has its strengths and weaknesses. Our online advertising agency can create an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads, Instagram, or LinkedIn Ads and suggest the best placement for your business.

Since 2013, our agency has specialized in social media advertising and helped over 500 SMBs in Quebec and Canada achieve their paid media goals. Our founders, Eugénie and Max, have a combined daily following of over 50,000 in Quebec. My Little Big Web also introduced the first digital marketing YouTube channel for small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec.

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Ecommerce Ads

Over 93% of Internet users have made at least one purchase online. An online store is accessible 24/7, every day of the week. Amazon, the largest virtual store globally, sells a staggering 5 billion items annually. Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace and Amazon Ads are also gaining prominence by offering paid advertising solutions tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.

Our PPC agency provides a wide range of solutions, including designing ad creatives, strategically placing them in targeted media, and crafting expert ad copy. We specialize in local targeting, branding, competitor analysis, and testing innovative paid advertising strategies that have demonstrated their effectiveness and ensure a favorable return on investment.

Hyper-Targeted Mobile Ads

Since 2018, mobile traffic has taken over desktop traffic, with consumers clicking on mobile ads at least once a week. Your online advertising strategy needs to adapt to your target customers’ preferred media. Making sure your message is displayed in the right format is crucial for successful media placement campaigns.

Our advertising agency specializes in mobile advertising and can design creatives, write ad copy, and target audiences to help you win new customers. Whether your target audience is nationwide, in the province of Quebec, or specifically in Montreal or Laval, our highly accurate geo-targeting tools can even narrow down to a specific street or a 1km radius around a designated location, including a competing business.


Remarketing is a really effective advertising technique that targets people who have already visited your website or a specific page. It’s a great way to reach out to individuals who are already familiar with your brand. With remarketing, you only have to pay when someone clicks on the ad and comes back to your website.

Our paid advertising services have designed dozens of conversion-ready ad creatives for our clients. You can check out our portfolio to see the different formats available, which are designed to look great on any screen size. Plus, our PPC experts provide monthly performance reports to keep you updated.

If you want more information, just get in touch with us.

Our paid advertising methodology


Defining your goals

An online advertising campaign needs to achieve a specific goal. For instance, you might want to drive more traffic to your website, generate more online sales, encourage visitors to download brochures or contact you, or increase brand awareness. Based on your objectives, our digital advertising experts will provide advice on the most effective paid advertising strategy for you.

We understand that your goals may change over time or due to changes within your company. That’s why we offer maximum flexibility in managing your advertising campaigns – nothing is ever set in stone!


Defining your budget

Based on your budget, we can give you estimates for the number of visitors and conversions on your website. This will help you calculate your cost per conversion and measure the ROI of your paid advertising. You have the flexibility to adjust your budget as needed.

We can also help you determine the best budget for your goals and make adjustments based on the outcomes, whether it’s increasing traffic or achieving the same results on a lower budget.


Campaign set-up

In the implementation phase of your paid ads, our digital expert will work closely with you to understand your challenges, services, and competitive advantages. This involves identifying the keywords you want to target, the services you want to promote, the budget allocation for each product or service, and the results you expect.

As a full-service web agency, we also have an in-house design team specializing in website design. This means we can offer you top-notch creatives for your ads. Before they go live, we’ll make sure to get your approval on the designs.


Campaign launch

During the launch phase, we test the audience, offer, and message quality. This is the second stage of campaign implementation, where your paid ads compete with other advertisers.

Our digital expert will also test the various paths your leads take to ensure everything is working smoothly. This includes searching for your ad, clicking on it, filling out forms, making calls, and making purchases if applicable.


Monitoring and optimization

The big advantage of PPC advertising over traditional advertising (TV, press, paper, radio) is that we can tweak and optimize online ads as needed. Our team of online advertising specialists uses advanced tools to closely monitor the performance of your campaigns on a daily basis. We keep track of important metrics like impressions, clicks, contacts, and sales.

Every digital ad is carefully analyzed and compared to the competition. This allows us to optimize your ads and ensure that your business gets the best possible return on investment. We also keep a close eye on what your competitors are up to, so we can react quickly and maintain optimal


Performance reports

Our monthly performance reports are produced manually by the digital advertising specialist working on your account. The reports are customized to provide you with KPIs relevant to your business. You can therefore ask us to add or remove elements as required.

You can also request a call with your dedicated advertising specialist to discuss the report, the actions taken and what’s planned for the following month. If you require more than one report and call per month, we can provide this extra level of follow-up.

Get proven results from Montreal’s top-rated PPC agency

Our PPC experts have already managed hundreds of paid advertising campaigns for clients of all shapes and sizes! Why not join them? Reach out to our team today for a free consultation.

Why choose our paid advertising agency?

A premium service for every budget

Whether you have $500/month or $5,000/month to invest in online advertising, you deserve the best digital specialists. At My Little Big Web, all our online advertising experts are certified by Google and Facebook. They are supervised by Eugénie Delhaye, Co-Founder of My Little Big Web, who is a Senior Online Advertising Specialist, Google Ads and Facebook Ads certified, as well as a Google Analytics trainer at Isarta and a speaker for 10 years.

Transparent and ethical management fees

The cost of managing your online advertising campaigns is determined by the actual time spent each month to improve your performance. We don’t calculate fees based on a percentage of your budget, so there’s no conflict of interest if you decide to adjust your budget. To ensure transparency, we calculate our management fees separately from your online advertising budget, and they are not hidden in a lump sum.

24/7 access to your account

If you don’t have an account yet, no worries! We’ll set one up for you, and you’ll have full ownership. That means you can easily access your account and keep tabs on your performance in real time. If you have any questions, our team of online advertising specialists at My Little Big Web will be more than happy to help you out.

Certified PPC experts

At My Little Big Web, every digital expert must have their certifications before they can handle client accounts, even if they have previous experience in media placement at an Ads agency or another digital firm. Rest assured, all our digital solutions in Quebec are delivered by certified professionals.

Our clients say it best

Honestly, it always goes well. Communications are effective. The quality of the work (texts, visuals) meets my standards. I also appreciate the team’s proactivity when there’s a problem on our side (like our server crashing, at one point). It saved me a lot of trouble to have you flag the issue so that I could then take steps on my own to fix it. I appreciate this type of collaborative partnership.

Alexandre Chevalier Seguin Marketing Director, Chevalier Seguin

I was looking for a company that I could trust and that I could really connect with. An agency that responds quickly to its customers, that is close to its clients, and that takes the project to heart. With My Little Big Web, I’ve really found that rare gem. The return on investment is really there. I never hesitate to recommend your services whenever I have the opportunity. You’re reliable, efficient and competitively priced. We get our money’s worth.

Eric Giroux CEO, DiscoTech

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Paid advertising FAQs

Is there a mandatory commitment period?

At My Little Big Web, we believe in giving you the freedom to choose. Whether you’re using our online advertising services or any other service we offer, there’s no commitment period required. If you’re happy with what we provide, you can continue with us without any obligations. We do offer optional commitments in specific cases, but it’s entirely up to you to decide.

Do I retain access to my accounts?

At My Little Big Web, we believe in being transparent with our customers. That’s why we give you access to all your online advertising accounts. This allows you to keep track of any changes we make to your campaigns, explore various platforms, and reach out to us with any questions you may have.
We do however kindly request that you refrain from making any modifications to your online advertising campaigns. This ensures that mistakes are avoided and our experts can continue their work without having to start from scratch.

Can I choose as many keywords as I like?

If you choose to run your online advertising campaign through Google Ads, specifically using its search network, you have the freedom to bid on as many keywords as you want. Our team of Google Ads experts will carefully analyze the keywords that are performing the best and make adjustments to the bids, ensuring that your budget is invested wisely.

How do I know if my online advertising campaigns will work?

We get it, you might be hesitant about spending money on advertising. But before we recommend any online advertising platform, we take the time to carefully analyze your company, industry, competitors, and goals. Just to clarify, we don’t require our customers to commit to a specific time period for their advertising campaigns. You are free to stop your campaigns at any time.

We want to make sure your campaigns start running as soon as possible. If we don’t, it will be a waste of time and money for both of us. We’ll do everything we can to help your Internet advertising campaigns deliver fast results.

How do you measure results?

We have access to the latest and most powerful web analytics tools available. Depending on the online advertising platform you use, we can provide you with a wealth of relevant information. This includes the number of sales or contacts generated through our efforts, the amount of traffic your website receives, how long visitors stay on your site, the number of pages they view, the devices they use, the most effective keywords or advertisements, and more. We can even give you a performance report that compares your results to those of your competitors.

Which advertising platform is right for me?

Get in touch with us by calling us or filling in our contact form so that we can analyze your business, your market, understand your needs and answer this question in a personalized way. It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all online advertising platform. The right choice depends on various criteria, which is why we encourage you to reach out to us.

When you contact us, there is no obligation. Whether you’re ready to start your Internet advertising campaigns or simply seeking information, we’ll be happy to address any questions you may have. We’ll help you save time on research and gain a clear understanding of our recommendations for your business.

Can I manage my own campaigns?

Yes, you can definitely handle your campaigns on your own. At My Little Big Web, we believe in a people-focused and educational approach. That’s why we organize numerous conferences at the Chambre de Commerce de l’Est de Montréal and Isarta, and regularly share blog articles and videos about online advertising. Our aim? To make internet advertising accessible to everyone. We can help you set up your web advertising campaigns for optimal results, provide training so you can manage your actions independently, and offer expert support whenever you need it.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we provide training through partners like the Chambre de Commerce de l’Est de Montréal, Isarta, or companies who request on-site training for a group of employees on a specific Internet advertising topic. All our customers who trust us with their online advertising strategy have access to our team of web marketing experts and web developers. You can ask them any questions you have. If you prefer personalized coaching or one-to-one training, feel free to contact us directly. Just let us know your needs, and we’ll create a tailored offer that meets your expectations.

Can I increase or decrease my budget at any time?

Our management fees are not determined by the amount you spend on your advertising campaigns. Instead, they are based on the workload required to handle your account. So, even if you spend $1,000 a month or $500 a month, it doesn’t mean that we will dedicate twice as much time to your account. You have the freedom to adjust your budget without worrying about fluctuations in our fees, unless there is a significant change.

We understand that some businesses have seasonal variations and may not want to spend the same budget every month. We are flexible and can adapt to provide support in managing your online advertising campaigns accordingly.

Can I pause my online advertising campaigns?

Sure, you can definitely pause your online advertising campaigns whenever you want. Just keep in mind that we’ll need a few days’ notice to make sure we haven’t already worked on your account. If you do pause, you won’t be charged for the management fees during that time, but you’ll still need to pay for the current month.

And don’t worry, there’s no extra charge to reactivate your campaigns. Just make sure not to delete your account while it’s on pause.

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