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LinkedIn Ads Agency in Montreal

Boost your visibility on the first B2B social network!

Why Choose My Little Big Web for your LinkedIn Advertising?

Proven Expertise

Maybe you found us by searching for "LinkedIn advertising" on Google, you read one of our blog posts, you follow us on our social networks or simply by word of mouth. No matter how you found us, you'll quickly find that we are experts at LinkedIn advertising.

Concrete Results

At the end of each month, every client receives a detailed report that is manually designed and tailored to the expectations that were defined when we launched their LinkedIn advertising. These reports can be modified at any time to suit your preferences.

Personalized Service

Every company has its own approach to advertising on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn Ads expert will help you identify the best strategy for your business that matches your goals and your budget.

Dedicated Project Manager

You keep contact with the same person throughout our collaboration. The project manager will take the time to explain every action we plan and you can ask them questions at any time about the results of your ad campaigns.

Complete this form, we take care of the rest!

The little big Steps of LinkedIn Advertising


Choosing the Type of LinkedIn Ads

Your LinkedIn Ads expert will diligently explain the different choices available to you and recommend the best strategy to adopt. There are 8 types of LinkedIn Ads:

  • Text Ads that can be found in the right column of the page in the form of short texts (100 characters).
  • Conversation Ads to drive engagement and turn conversations into conversions.
  • Dynamic Ads that use data from the LinkedIn profiles of targeted people to send them a personalized message.
  • Message Ads that enable you to contact your prospects directly via Linked in’s messaging system.
  • Sponsored Content to boost your publications and generate more engagement with your target audience.
  • Sponsored Messaging to reach your audience with direct and interactive messages.
  • Video Ads to captivate your audience and generate qualified leads.
  • Carousel Ads to grab attention with interactive stories.
Step 2

Creating Your LinkedIn Ads

Our web agency has all the specialists you need for all stages of creating your LinkedIn Ads (web designers, copywriters, translators, marketing specialists). Depending on the type(s) of advertising you choose, we will make proposals and explain why we think they are the right choice for you.

Once you approve all of our proposals, we integrate them on the LinkedIn Ads platform. You can request changes at any time or create new ads based on the results achieved or if you want to share developments that are taking place in your company.

Step 3

Choosing the Right Audience

One of the greatest strengths of LinkedIn advertising is the ability to use reliable data from active users who regularly update their profiles. The most successful LinkedIn advertising campaigns typically have an audience between 60,000 and 400,000 people. We start with a large audience and then refine it based on the results.

For example, we can target your audience by location, by position (number of years of experience), by company size, by organizational level or by industry. The LinkedIn advertising expert supporting you will explain how they refine criteria using the different settings of the platform. Effective content marketing is the goal.

Step 4

Defining Your Budget and Bid Strategy

LinkedIn advertising has a pricing system similar to Google Ads. You can choose to pay when people click on your ads (cost per click) or you can set a price based on the number of people who see your ads (cost per 1,000 impressions). Again, your LinkedIn advertising expert will help you define the most appropriate strategy.

We will also explain how you can optimize your budget throughout the month by setting daily ceilings and adjusting the bids according to the expected traffic. We analyze LinkedIn advertising accounts on a daily basis to ensure that you get the best possible return on your investment.

Step 5

Results Analysis and Optimization

LinkedIn advertising offers a wide range of possibilities and the results obtained have to be in line with the initial goals. Each indicator has a starting point:

Increased brand awareness = increased searches related to your company.

Increased website traffic = LinkedIn traffic source analysis via Google Analytics.

Increased interactions = number of page views on your website, time spent per visit, number of contacts.

Increased page subscribers = analysis of audience growth.

Increase in leads = analysis of the volume of completed forms, calls received.

With a team of over 20 experts, My Little Big Web is the LinkedIn advertising agency in Montreal for you.

Little big online advertising case studies

8 million in additional sales revenue in less than 12 months!

8 million in additional sales revenue in less than 12 months!

A company dives deep into SEO!

A company dives deep into SEO!

Artificial intelligence in your home!

Artificial intelligence in your home!

Little big testimonials about our online advertising agency

  • I chose to work with the MLB Web team because they know how to recommend the right strategy and explain the key concepts of web marketing to me.

    Maryse Grob
    Maryse Grob President of the French Chamber of Commerce, Quebec Department
  • The collaborators we work with are competent, have real expertise, are available and attentive to our problems and know how to adapt/project themselves into our professional world.

    Sandrine Boisselier
    Sandrine Boisselier Head of Marketing and Digital Communication Department CORPIQ-Kangalou
  • Highly professional team. Their services are clear and detailed. I received the best UX analysis I have ever seen from them. I recommend them without any hesitation.

    Steve Racine
    Steve Racine CEO of Soin CV

Our Little big digital advertising clients

PME Montréal
Mission 100 tonnes
Centre de prévention de la radicalisation menant à la violence
Centre Action
Regroupement pour la valorisation de la paternité
Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal Fondation
Velvet Management
Tourisme Gaspésie
Banque National
Remax Dynamique
L'agence Web à Montréal qui fait décoller votre présence Web

A presence on linkedin will increase your company's visibility, generate traffic to your website
As well as influence your ranking in google's search results!

LinkedIn Advertising FAQ

Are your customers B2B and can decision-makers use LinkedIn to choose a company like yours? If you were a customer of your company, would LinkedIn be a good way to get you to make contact? Do your competitors use LinkedIn advertising?

If you still don’t know if LinkedIn advertising is right for your business, you should know that 80% of B2B leads generated by social media come from LinkedIn. The online advertising world is dominated by very big players (Amazon, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.). There aren’t hundreds of solutions to generate qualified leads. If you don’t know if LinkedIn advertising is right for you, give it a try. The cost of testing this marketing method, whatever the results, is certainly lower than the cost of inaction.

At My Little Big Web, we believe that everyone can manage their advertising campaigns on their own. The real question to ask is whether you have the desire and the time to learn how to use the platform. You probably have better things to do for your business than spending time analyzing LinkedIn Ads. How much does it cost to learn to get the same result as a LinkedIn advertising expert who does it all day long?

Between your hourly rate multiplied by the time you’ll spend mastering the platform, what you won’t do (or what you’ll do later) for your business while you focus your efforts on managing your campaigns, and the mistakes that come with being a beginner, it’s sometimes more cost-effective to outsource the work to a professional.

On the other hand, if you like to learn new things and are willing to spend the time necessary to effectively create and manage your LinkedIn advertising campaigns, you could certainly do it yourself since you know your business better than we do. In fact, we’ve even created a comprehensive guide to help you create successful LinkedIn ads.

It all depends on the objectives, budget and results. Many factors are taken into consideration when calculating the profitability of an advertising campaign. Have you managed to make sales thanks to LinkedIn? Have you been able to truly and fully measure the results of your actions? LinkedIn advertising is often used to increase a company’s online visibility. Therefore, it is quite difficult to put a monetary value on the return on investment since we are dealing more with gained visibility than sales made.

Is advertising in the subway, on the street, on television, radio, newspapers (etc.) profitable? Yes, certainly for many companies, otherwise these forms of advertising wouldn’t exist anymore. The problem often comes from the way the results are measured and the relevance of these advertising media to the initial goals. LinkedIn advertising, like all forms of advertising, will only be profitable if the initial goals have been clearly defined and LinkedIn looks like a suitable solution for you. Contact us to speak to one of our LinkedIn advertising experts who will be able to answer all your questions.

Est-ce que la publicité dans le métro, dans la rue, à la télévision, à la radio, dans les journaux (etc.) est rentable ? Oui surement pour beaucoup d’entreprises, sinon ces formes de publicité n’existeraient plus. Le problème vient souvent de la façon dont les résultats sont mesurés et de la pertinence de ces supports publicitaires en fonction des objectifs de départ. La publicité Linkedin, tout comme toutes les formes de publicité, ne sera rentable que si les objectifs de départ ont été clairement définis et que Linekdin semble être une solution adaptée à vos attentes. Contactez-nous pour être mis(e) en relation avec un de nos experts publicité Linkedin qui pourra répondre à toutes vos questions.

Depending on the type of advertising we’ve set up, you should see results within 24 to 48 hours after the ads are posted. However, take into consideration that your manager needs to wait a few days for the ads to register clicks and for there to be data to analyze. Campaign optimizations are based on the performance results and we cannot make a decision as long as we don’t have enough data.

The more data we gather on audience and overall performance, the more action we can take to improve results.

As explained in the question above, you can manage your campaigns on your own as long as you have the time and desire to learn how to use the LinkedIn Ads platform. If you wish, we can build the campaigns for you, create the ads (etc.) and then let you manage your LinkedIn Ads yourself. We can even offer you dedicated support hours to answer your questions when you need it.

Yes, you can pause your campaign. Just let us know in advance and tell us when you want to restart it so we can organize our production schedule.

The first thing you can notice is that we have managed to capture your attention enough for you to be reading these words (thank you 😊). This means that we can create quality content and keep the attention of our audience. You can also take a look at our posts on LinkedIn and our customer testimonials to get a better idea.

Finally, we believe that the human side must be central to any collaboration, even business relationships. If you choose to work with our web agency, you will be put in touch with a LinkedIn advertising expert who you will communicate with on a regular basis. Consequently, it’s important that you have a good feeling with our teams. The easiest way to find out is to contact us to make an appointment with Maxence (one of our founders) who will be happy to explain how we work.

You decide how much time you spend on your LinkedIn advertising campaigns. Anything we suggest you do can be done collaboratively with you or entirely in-house. The only thing we ask is that you give us a few hours (divided into one-hour sessions) to explain your company, your goals, your values, your market (etc.) so that we can be sure we understand your expectations.

We will then send you a first performance report. This will be the time for you to evaluate our work and tell us if you are satisfied with the quality of the service you received. If everything is satisfactory, we will continue the project according to your preferences.