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Web design for Repentigny and Atwater Dental Centres

Dental Centres overview

For over 20 years, the Benoît C. Dental Centre has offered orthodontic services that combine know-how, state-of-the-art technology and concern for the well-being of its clients to Repentigny and Montreal residents. Recognizing in the My Little Big Team the same values of excellence and aesthetics that drive him, Dr. Benoît Carrier entrusted his website design to our talented developers. And they didn’t disappoint!

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With his two centers located in Repentigny and near Montreal’s Atwater metro station, Dr. Benoît Carrier and his team help their clients rediscover a brilliant smile. With his qualified training in dentistry, dentofacial orthopedics and orthodontics, Dr. Carrier offers personalized services and delivers unparalleled results.

With the needs of their patients close to heart, the Repentigny and Atwater dental centres principally specialize in modern orthodontic techniques. In addition to conventional braces, they offer procedures that minimize the visibility of treatment and can be adapted to your lifestyle. Whether for lingual, invisible or traditional orthodontic treatment methods, they will be able to find the best option for you. In addition, Dr. Benoît Carrier has a patient-oriented approach and provides quality follow-ups on a constant basis.

My Little Big Web designed a website that faithfully represents the care provided by the Repentigny and Atwater dental centres: aesthetic, refined and personalized. We have also made user navigation and information research easier. The service pages present the benefits of different orthodontic treatments and allow you to assess your needs at a glance.

There’s no sense in changing a winning formula. We therefore once again used the WordPress CMS to develop the website. This resulted in a personalized site that always functions smoothly.




The creation of a website Repentigny and Atwater Dental Centres.
The creation, design and integration of all website content.
The optimisation of the site’s user experience.
Website development carried out on the WordPress CMS.
Development of the website using responsive design.
Multi browser navigation.




Website coded in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, and PHP5.
WordPress’ platform was used with a 100% customised theme.
Photoshop used for graphic design purposes.
All custom website themes and modules made by MLBW.
Google Font used.
Retina screen display optimisation (for IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch & MacBook Pro Retina).
Compatible with all current Internet browsers, as well as their former updates




Date : 2017
CMS : WordPress
Technologies : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
Website :

Exemples of designs by My Little Big Web

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