Nadia Barrou Avocate is a Montreal-based law firm specializing in immigration law. Founded in 1998, the firm has established itself as a trusted partner for students, workers, and families from around the world seeking to navigate the complexities of Canadian immigration. With a client-centered approach and recognized expertise, Nadia Barrou Avocate stands out for its personalized guidance and ability to communicate in multiple languages, offering a unique and reassuring experience to its international clientele


Before our collaboration, Nadia Barrou Avocate’s law firm sought to strengthen its online presence and modernize its brand image to better reflect its expertise and personalized approach in immigration. The goal was to create a logo that encapsulates the spirit of support, professionalism, and international openness of the firm. Our web agency’s mission was to design a logo that communicates these values while being visually appealing and memorable to a diverse international clientele.

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