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My Little Big Web is a web marketing, SEO and web design agency in Montreal. Our digital marketing experts are TikTok Ads specialists and they’re ready to take your business to the next level with custom advertising campaigns!

What are TikTok Ads and why advertise on TikTok ?

With over 1 billion active users, TikTok is a hot spot to promote your business via targeted and optimized advertising campaigns. Are you an SMB looking to increase traffic to your website or acquire new customers quickly? Our certified social media paid advertising experts are ready to help you develop, launch and manage the best possible TikTok Ads strategies.

Our goal is to provide you with optimal visibility on TikTok so your region-specific target audience can learn about your offers. Whether you want to invest in ad placement, target potential prospects or promote your products on this platform, our agency is ready to manage your campaigns so you can achieve your business goals with peace of mind.

Are TikTok Ads right for my business?


You want to gain visibility quickly on TikTok

TikTok Ads is an effective solution for quickly boosting your business presence on the platform. Our expertise in content creation and web advertising combined with our thorough understanding of TikTok users helps us create targeted campaigns that drive a rapid increase in visibility. You can begin seeing results the very next day.

You’ll retain full control over your advertising budget, which allows for flexible management reflecting your current needs. This approach is perfect for optimizing your company’s visibility and engagement within the highly popular and dynamic TikTok landscape.


You’re active in a competitive, well-established market

Unlike organic SEO which requires some time to improve your business’s rank, TikTok Ads offers almost instant results.

Our team of certified TikTok Ads experts are social media management professionals. They have what it takes to meticulously choose a target audience, manage your ongoing campaigns and regularly make improvements for better results. We’ll continually optimize your performance using consistent tracking and monitoring. When you outsource TikTok Ads management, it becomes easier to attract new customers through a targeted and expanded online presence.


You need to target a very specific customer base for a short period of time

If you need to quickly increase sales for a specific product or service, TikTok Ads is the perfect tool. Our professional web marketing and PPC agency in Montreal can develop a targeted advertising strategy for you so you can reach your target audience and achieve your goals. We’ll take care of the entire TikTok campaign set-up process and give you the flexibility to pause your campaigns at any time, as needed.


Your competitors are using TikTok Ads

If your competitors are advertising on TikTok, they are leveraging a powerful channel to grab the attention of potential customers, even if users don’t engage with their ad content! Thanks to the demographic data collected by the network, TikTok Ads allows you to target your audience effectively and boost your visibility on the platform.

Our TikTok Ads management services

Creating or analyzing your TikTok Ads account

Whether you already have a TikTok Ads account set up or you’re looking to create one from scratch, our team of certified specialists is ready to get involved. It doesn’t matter if you are already partnered with a TikTok advertising agency or you’re managing your campaigns independently, we can conduct a thorough review of your account. Our goal is to offer strategic improvements to boost your advertising performance on the platform.

We’re here to help you refine your audience targeting, improve your landing pages, and perfect your ad content. We rely on our expertise to evaluate how we can help achieve your marketing goals. If we feel that we can’t bring significant value to your business, you can keep our advice at no cost!

Setting up your TikTok Ads campaign

Setting up your TikTok Ads campaigns correctly is key to achieving your goals. Our digital advertising agency has developed an advanced methodology for this crucial step. By asking key questions about your business, goals, offering, target audience, and competitors, our Pinterest Ads experts can design custom ads tailored to TikTok’s algorithms.

You’ll have the opportunity to validate key elements to make sure your campaigns are aligned with your goals, including target audience choices, ad content, and tracking systems. We’ll stay flexible and can make adjustments even after your ads launch, guaranteeing non-stop, real-time optimization for each TikTok Ads campaign.

Creating impactful ads and optimized landing pages

The quality of your TikTok Ads has a direct impact on their performance. Our specialists regularly conduct A/B tests to select the best-performing ads and maximize your return on investment.

Your landing page also has a significant impact on your conversion rate. Our team of developers and designers are skilled at designing and optimizing landing pages, so you can count on us to create TikTok Ads campaigns that perform.

Management and optimization of existing campaigns

If you are already running TikTok Ads campaigns, on your own or with another agency, our social media professionals can step in to manage and optimize them.

We’ll do a free audit to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Next, we can launch new campaigns alongside existing ones to compare results. If you’re looking to switch managers while keeping your campaigns running as they are, we can also provide a smooth transition.

Our TikTok Ads campaign management services allow you to maximize your visibility on this fast-growing app and achieve your advertising goals with confidence.

How we manage your TikTok Ads

Our team of TikTok Ads specialists has created hundreds of digital advertising campaigns of all sizes across a wide variety of industries! Why not let us manage yours? Contact our web marketing agency today to request a quote.


1. Analysis and audit of existing campaigns

The social media advertising specialist in charge of managing your campaigns will conduct a free audit to assess actions already taken. They’ll present you with suggestions for how to improve your campaigns to make them more effective. If you’ve never advertised on TikTok before, one of our experts will explain our methodology so you can understand exactly how we develop campaigns that will help you achieve your goals.

Every web marketing agency has its own approach to managing TikTok advertising campaigns. Ours is based on proven strategies and an in-depth knowledge of the TikTok Advertiser tools.


2. Definition of goals and target audience

The TikTok Ads expert in charge of your advertising campaigns will ask you a series of detailed questions to deepen their understanding of your company, your market and your competitors. They will provide you with strategic recommendations and confirm that you agree with the advanced targeting methods they plan to put in place.

After reviewing the marketing strategies of your primary competitors, we will make recommendations on how to position your brand on TikTok. Our agency will manage your advertising campaigns with the same attention and care as if they were our own, with a focus on maximizing your return on investment.


3. Validation of your Tik Tok Ads campaign

Before launching your TikTok Ads campaigns, your dedicated expert will walk you through the ads in detail and welcome any suggestions. Although our agency holds TikTok Marketing Partner certification, we recognize that you know your industry better than anyone. For this reason, it’s important that you approve the recommended content, customer targeting, and strategy.

You can be confident that we are prepared to make adjustments based on your feedback.


4. Continuous monitoring and regular optimization

Your dedicated specialist will handle the daily management of your TikTok Ads campaigns and analyze their performance. TikTok advertising operates on an auction system, and the platform evaluates each ad’s rank based on multiple factors. These include the quality of the ad and landing page, the bid amount, and more, all in relation to your competitors.

Your TikTok Ads agent will continually monitor your campaigns, and those of your competitors, to proactively make adjustments that will improve your performance. You are free to reach out to them at any time with questions or for further clarification.


5. Monthly reporting and adjustments to your strategy

Our TikTok Ads agency in Montreal combines the innovative and the traditional. For example, our professionals generate performance reports manually rather than automatically. This gives them a better opportunity to thoroughly analyze campaign results and plan future actions.

Comprehensive monthly reports also give you the chance to examine and discuss the results of your TikTok Ads investment. We always welcome your questions and comments!

In summary, our TikTok Ads campaign management plan is designed to provide a thorough and personalized service that will help you achieve your advertising goals on TikTok.

Trust one of the best TikTok Ads agencies in Montreal

Our team of TikTok Ads specialists has completed hundreds of digital campaigns of all sizes covering a wide range of industries! Why not let us manage yours? Contact our web marketing agency now to request a quote.

Why choose our TikTok Ads agency in Montreal?

TikTok-certified experts

Our team of TikTok Ads experts is certified by TikTok, and each member renews their certification annually to maintain a high level of expertise. For complex inquiries or uncertainties, we have direct contacts at TikTok who can review your campaigns and offer expert advice. By choosing our agency, you are selecting a qualified and informed team to handle your TikTok advertising campaigns.

Access to your account at any time

We’ll run your campaigns with complete transparency, either by using your existing TikTok Ads account or setting up a new one for you. With this approach, you’ll have direct access to insights about performance trends, keywords, budgetary details, and any changes being implemented by your dedicated Pinterest Ads agent. We also prioritize open communication and can help you learn how to use and navigate your account.

Ethical pricing transparency

We pride ourselves on offering a transparent and ethical pricing system. Our agency does not charge based on the amount of your advertising budget, but on the actual time we spend on your TikTok Ads campaigns. You have the option to request a detailed breakdown of the time invested and all actions taken by your TikTok Ads specialist, so you always know exactly where your advertising investment is going.

No term of commitment

We believe in offering flexibility to our customers. To achieve this, we do not set a minimum commitment period for using our services. We simply ask you to give us notice within an appropriate timeframe if you decide to suspend or stop your TikTok Ads campaigns. This way, you have the freedom to work with us and adjust according to your needs and goals without worrying about time constraints.


Honestly, it always goes well. Communications are effective. The quality of the work (texts, visuals) meets my standards. I also appreciate the team’s proactivity when there’s a problem on our side (like our server crashing, at one point). It saved me a lot of trouble to have you flag the issue so that I could then take steps on my own to fix it. I appreciate this type of collaborative partnership.

Alexandre Chevalier Seguin Marketing Director, Chevalier Seguin

I was looking for a company that I could trust and that I could really connect with. An agency that responds quickly to its customers, that is close to its clients, and that takes the project to heart. With My Little Big Web, I’ve really found that rare gem. The return on investment is really there. I never hesitate to recommend your services whenever I have the opportunity. You’re reliable, efficient and competitively priced. We get our money’s worth.

Eric Giroux CEO, DiscoTech

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FAQS about our TikTok Ads agency in Montreal

How much should I budget for TikTok Ads?

The way you define your budget for advertising campaigns on TikTok Ads depends on your strategy. If you’re working with a TikTok advertising agency for the first time, it’s a good idea to start with a small budget, for example between $1,000 and $1,500 per month. With a gradual approach, it’s possible to assess your campaign’s performance and make any necessary adjustments.

If you have any doubts or need clarification, please feel free to contact us. One of our TikTok Ads experts will be happy to provide you with a more specific example tailored to your situation.

Are TikTok Ads relevant for my business?

To assess whether TikTok Ads are the right advertising platform for your business, consider the following:

  • Are your competitors active on TikTok?
  • Do people search for your products or services on this platform?
  • Have you ever experimented with promoting your offers through TikTok Ads?

There are a range of advertising opportunities on the TikTok platform. It’s best to test these directly so you can understand exactly how they work. Our web agency has partnered with a range of companies operating in different sectors throughout Quebec, and we have observed that many businesses significantly benefit from TikTok Ads – as long as they understand the unique traits of the platform.

You should also consider that you will need to commit to financing both your TikTok ads and the time needed to manage them. Whether you choose to manage your ads yourself, rely on the services of a specialized agency, or delegate the responsibility to a member of your team, you’ll need to include the time involved in creating and managing campaigns when assessing ROI.

Feel free to contact our agency to ask for a custom TikTok advertising estimate that reflects your unique needs. We’re here to help you make informed decisions about your presence on this platform.

Why should I use a TikTok Ads agency instead of doing it myself?

The TikTok Ads platform is open to everyone, meaning you can create your own account and develop your own advertising campaigns. It’s an invaluable opportunity to increase online visibility and gain new customers. We encourage you to experiment with creating your own campaigns, as hands-on experience will help you learn about the benefits and challenges of advertising using TikTok Ads. Be careful with your bids and budget, though, as costs can add up quickly.

Before you decide to partner with our TikTok Ads agency in Montreal or go solo to manage your campaigns, consider the following:

  • Do you have the time and motivation to learn how to use TikTok Ads?
  • Can you make ads management a priority, or do you have other tasks that need your attention first?
  • What will you do if you don’t get the results you want?
  • Can you afford to outsource your TikTok campaign management to professionals?

If you have the time and enthusiasm to handle your TikTok Ads campaigns on your own, go ahead and take charge. If your advertising budget is $500/month, including agency fees, it might actually be more practical to manage your campaigns yourself. Web marketing agencies typically charge between $100 and $130 per hour, and with a small budget, they might not be able to put in enough time to work effectively.

On the other hand, if you can afford to outsource TikTok Ads management, you can gain a lot from time saved and agency expertise. The potential return on investment is substantial. An experienced TikTok Ads agency can employ best practices to help you create highly effective, cost-efficient campaigns, giving you a huge advantage.

Are TikTok Ads Profitable?

To set a budget for your Pinterest Ads campaigns, it’s a good idea to start by evaluating key factors like cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rate, cost per lead (CPL), and the number of leads required to generate sales.

However, for a more precise estimate, you’ll need to do a detailed analysis of your business. This is why we offer a free audit service, which allows us to analyze industry-specific factors, explore relevant targeting and design an optimal bidding strategy.

As a licensed TikTok Ads agency in Montreal, our mission is to evaluate the relevance and profitability of TikTok ads for your business. All our clients receive a monthly report on the performance of their managed campaigns. If results are not in line with your expectations, we will not encourage you to continue making non-productive investments.

In some cases, we may recommend adjusting your digital marketing strategy and taking a different route. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO can be combined with other strategies to boost your online sales.

How long will it take for my TikTok Ads to deliver results?

To answer this question accurately, you need to clearly define what truly qualifies as a “result”. Typically, the main goal is to increase visibility and conversion rates. However, showcasing your brand on the TikTok feed, driving traffic to your website, and attracting prospects’ attention are signs that your campaign is productive in various ways. Once your TikTok Ads agent has launched your campaigns, you can start seeing these types of results in a matter of hours or days.

The success of TikTok campaigns depends on many factors. To get a clear picture of what you can expect, we recommend contacting us to speak with one of our TikTok Ads specialists directly. They will be happy to answer your questions.

Can I manage my TikTok Ads campaigns myself?

While anyone can set up their own advertising campaigns, it takes skill and experience to fully master the TikTok Ads platform. One of the defining characteristics of the social media landscape is that platforms like TikTok are available to everyone, and you are free to create and manage your ad campaigns and define your own targeting parameters. Our certified TikTok Ads agency can both design custom campaigns and support businesses who choose to manage their campaigns themselves.

When you work with our agency, you have the freedom to create your own TikTok Ads campaigns, and the flexibility to call on our expertise at any time. If you prefer, our team can handle the full management of your campaigns for a fully directed, worry-free strategy.

Can I pause my TikTok Ads campaign?

There is no minimum time commitment when launching TikTok Ads campaigns. If you choose to pause your ads temporarily, whether due to seasonal changes, budget adjustments, or because you’ve reached your target goals, your TikTok Ads expert can pause your campaigns at your request and restart them whenever you want.

Can I choose when to show my TikTok Ads?

During our first working session together, the specialist in charge of your campaign will examine your opening hours and evaluate the best times to boost traffic to your website.

Based on what we learn, we’ll create a content calendar for your ads, which is a proven strategy for making TikTok Ads campaigns as effective as possible.

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