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My Little Big Web is a web marketing, SEO and web design agency in Montreal. Our digital marketing experts are Pinterest Ads specialists and they’re ready to take your business to the next level with custom advertising campaigns!

What are Pinterest Ads ad why advertise on Pinterest?

Around 85% of Pinterest users make a purchase after interacting with branded pins, making this platform a key player in influencing purchasing decisions. At our social media advertising agency in Montreal, we value Pinterest Ads for their pay-per-click model, which only charges when users interact with your ads, thereby maximizing advertising ROI.

Our certified, specialized Pinterest Ads professionals offer strategic advice on keyword selection and audience targeting, so that your ads can earn optimal positions for targeted regions. Whether for media placements or promoting your products via Pinterest Ads, we guide you through every step of managing your advertising campaigns. With the clear goal of increasing your online visibility and attracting new customers efficiently, we leverage our expertise to help SMBs looking to strengthen their online presence quickly.

Are Pinterest Ads right for my business?


You want to gain visibility quickly on Pinterest

Pinterest Ads is the optimal solution for companies looking to gain visibility fast. This platform excels as a venue for rapidly boosting brand awareness using visually appealing and engaging content. With Pinterest Ads, you can drive significant traffic to your website in a short space of time, making this platform perfect for promoting special offers or showcasing new products.


You’re active in a competitive, well-established market

In a saturated market, standing out is vital, and Pinterest Ads can help you do just that. The platform is perfect for showcasing your offers in unique ways, which is crucial for grabbing users’ attention within a competitive environment. Pinterest Ads can also effectively target specific market segments, allowing you to accurately and consistently communicate to the right audience.


You need to target a very specific customer base for a short period of time

You can use Pinterest Ads to precisely target audiences based on specific criteria such as interests and purchasing behavior. This feature is particularly useful when implementing short-term campaigns like seasonal promotions or product launches, where a targeted approach is needed for maximum impact in minimum time.


Your competitors are using Pinterest Ads

If your competitors are investing in Pinterest Ads, you’ll need to brand your presence to maintain your visibility. Observing their strategies and learning from what they do can help you optimize your own campaigns. An active presence on Pinterest founded on well-designed ad campaigns is key to staying competitive and visible to your target audience.

Our Pinterest Ads management services

Creating or analyzing your Pinterest Ads account

Our expert team offers services to set up or analyze your existing Pinterest Ads account. We’ll take a detailed look at your current strategy, evaluate the performance of your campaigns and identify opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to optimize your return on investment by continually refining your Pinterest Ads campaigns.

Setting up your Pinterest Ads campaign

We develop custom Pinterest Ads campaigns to meet your specific marketing goals. By considering the unique features of your company, your target audience, and your business goals, we can craft a comprehensive online advertising strategy. This includes selecting relevant keywords, targeting the right audience and defining a budget to optimize the reach and effectiveness of your ads.

Creating impactful ads and optimized landing pages

Our Pinterest advertising services include the design of visually appealing ads and effective landing pages to create a fluid and engaging user experience. We focus on creating content that captures users’ attention and prompts action. Combined with optimized landing pages aligned with your target audience’s expectations, this strategy can quickly increase your conversion rates.

Management and optimization of existing campaigns

If you are already running Pinterest Ads campaigns, our team can step in to manage and optimize them. We’ll carry out an in-depth analysis to identify strengths and areas for improvement, apply strategic adjustments, and provide ongoing monitoring to improve performance. Our goal is to optimize your return on investment by continually refining your Pinterest Ads campaigns.

How we manage your Pinterest Ads


1. Analysis and audit of existing campaigns

At the beginning of our partnership, we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing Pinterest Ads campaigns so we can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your current advertising strategies. As a social media marketing agency, our focus is on assessing the effectiveness of your ads and the accuracy of your targeting.

This allows us to provide you with customized recommendations to improve your future ads performance. An audit is vital for developing a strategy that is not only effective but also customized to suit your specific needs.


2. Definition of goals and keywords

The second step involves clearly defining your marketing goals and selecting the most appropriate keywords for your campaigns. This crucial phase relies on a thorough understanding of your company, your target market, and your competitors, to make sure that ads reach the right audience and have the impact you want. A good social media strategy can help you increase brand awareness.


3. Validation of your Pinterest Ads campaigns

We’ll always seek your approval before launching your Pinterest Ads campaigns. You have the final word on whether the ad content and keyword strategy meet your expectations and are in keeping with your brand image. Pinterest user engagement can be significantly improved through targeted, thoughtful advertising, and your feedback is indispensable for fine-tuning campaigns before they go live.


4. Continuous monitoring and regular optimization

Once campaigns have been launched, we provide constant follow-up to monitor their performance. Adjustments and optimizations are made on an ongoing basis according to market trends and the response of your target audience. Efficient management of social media advertising campaigns will help you maximize your ROI.


5. Monthly reporting and adjustments to your strategy

Our Montreal-based social media advertising agency will provide you with a detailed report on your campaign performance at the end of each month. These reports include in-depth analyses and suggestions for adjusting your strategy as needed.

Based on this information, we’ll openly discuss the evolution of your campaigns and confirm that they are aligned with your long-term goals. These reports serve as the foundation for effectively managing your Pinterest Ads campaigns, allowing you to continually optimize your ROI and tailor your advertising strategies to your specific brand objectives.

Trust one of the best Pinterest Ads agencies in Montreal

Our team of Pinterest Ads specialists has created hundreds of digital campaigns of all sizes for a wide variety of industries! Why not let us manage yours? Contact our web marketing agency today to request a quote.

Why choose our Pinterest Ads agency in Montreal

Pinterest-certified specialists

Our Pinterest marketing agency boasts a team of accredited professionals. They have in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and specialize in ads management, meaning they can create strategies aligned with current trends to maximize the impact of your campaigns. Trust our agency to help you achieve your social media goals smoothly and efficiently.

Access to your account, anytime

Our Montreal-based web marketing agency guarantees nonstop access to your Pinterest Ads account, so you can track performance and social media campaigns in real time. This provides complete transparency about the performance of your ads and immediate insight into any modifications our team makes.

Ethical pricing transparency

At our Montreal advertising agency, we take transparency seriously. Our pricing model is based on the time actually spent on your campaigns, avoiding the conflicts of interest associated with paid advertising models based on a percentage of the budget.

No term of commitment

We’re confident in the quality of our work, which is why we don’t impose any term of commitment. This gives you the freedom to adjust to the evolution of Pinterest user behavior and changes in the market.

Our collaboration is based on performance and the tangible results we bring to our customers. Our adaptability and strong belief in the effectiveness of advertising on Pinterest position us as the perfect choice for your social media marketing requirements.

What people are saying about our Pinterest advertising agency

Honestly, it always goes well. Communications are effective. The quality of the work (texts, visuals) meets my standards. I also appreciate the team’s proactivity when there’s a problem on our side (like our server crashing, at one point). It saved me a lot of trouble to have you flag the issue so that I could then take steps on my own to fix it. I appreciate this type of collaborative partnership.

Alexandre Chevalier Seguin Marketing Director, Chevalier Seguin

I was looking for a company that I could trust and that I could really connect with. An agency that responds quickly to its customers, that is close to its clients, and that takes the project to heart. With My Little Big Web, I’ve really found that rare gem. The return on investment is really there. I never hesitate to recommend your services whenever I have the opportunity. You’re reliable, efficient and competitively priced. We get our money’s worth.

Eric Giroux CEO, DiscoTech

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FAQS about our Pinterest Ads agency in Montreal

How much should I budget for Pinterest Ads?

The way you define your budget for advertising campaigns on Pinterest Ads depends on your strategy. If you’re working with a Pinterest advertising agency for the first time, it’s a good idea to start with a small budget, for example between $1,000 and $1,500 per month. By starting small, you can evaluate campaign performance and make adjustments later on.

In some situations, our Pinterest Ads professionals will do an in-depth analysis before launching your campaigns. This will help your ads perform well so you can achieve your goals within a realistic budget. We recommend this approach if you have previous experience with an online advertising agency, if you have ongoing campaigns, or if you wish to optimize results without changing your current budget.

Contact our team to learn more or to find out which approach could apply to your specific case. One of our Pinterest Ads specialists will be happy to explain exactly how Pinterest Ads could work for your unique offer.

Are Pinterest Ads right for my business?

There are several key factors to consider when deciding whether Pinterest Ads are right for your business. First, consider whether your competitors are advertising on Pinterest. This can indicate whether your target market is active on the platform. It’s also useful to find out whether Pinterest users search for the products or services you offer.

There are a range of advertising opportunities on the Pinterest platform. It’s best to test these directly so you can understand exactly how they work. Our web agency has partnered with a wide range of companies operating in different sectors throughout Quebec and Montreal, and we have noted that many businesses significantly benefit from advertising on Pinterest – as long as they configure their campaigns correctly and manage them efficiently.

You should also consider the financial investment in both Pinterest ads and the time needed to manage them. Whether you choose to manage your ads yourself, rely on the services of a specialized agency, or delegate the responsibility to a member of your team, you’ll need to include the time involved in creating and managing campaigns when assessing ROI.

Feel free to contact our agency to ask for a custom Pinterest advertising estimate that reflects your unique needs.

Why should I use a Pinterest Ads agency instead of doing it myself?

Anyone can easily access the Pinterest Ads advertising platform and run their own campaigns to increase online visibility and attract new customers. We strongly encourage you to take the initiative to set up your campaigns independently, as this will help you gain valuable insights about the advantages and limitations of Pinterest Ads. Remember to keep a close eye on your bids and budget to prevent excessive spending, which can accumulate rapidly.

Before deciding whether to manage your campaigns on your own or hire our Pinterest Ads agency in Montreal, ask the following questions:

  • Do you have the time and motivation to master Pinterest Ads?
  • Can you make ads management a priority, or do you have other tasks that need your attention first?
  • What strategy will you adopt if the results don’t live up to your expectations?
  • Can you afford to outsource this responsibility to professionals?

If you have the time and enthusiasm to handle your Pinterest Ads campaigns on your own, you should definitely consider it. For instance, if your monthly advertising budget is $500, including agency fees, it might be more practical to manage your campaigns yourself. Search engine advertising agencies typically charge between $100 and $130 per hour, and with a budget of $500 per month, they might not have sufficient time to work effectively.

On the other hand, if you can afford to outsource this task, the potential return on investment is substantial. An experienced Pinterest Ads agency can employ best practices to help you save time and create highly effective campaigns, which is a huge advantage. Professionals will improve the quality of your ads and minimize associated costs.

Are Pinterest Ads profitable?

To set a budget for your Pinterest Ads campaigns, it’s a good idea to start by evaluating key elements such as cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, and the number of leads needed to make a sale.

However, for a more precise estimate, you’ll need to do a detailed analysis of your business. This is why we offer a free audit service, which allows us to analyze industry-specific hashtags and develop the most appropriate bid strategy for your specific campaigns.

As a specialized Pinterest advertising company in Montreal, we are committed to making Pinterest Ads profitable for your business. We provide our clients with a detailed monthly report on the performance of their campaigns. If results are not in line with your expectations, we will not encourage you to continue non-productive investments.

Depending on your specific needs, we may recommend adjusting your approach to digital marketing. Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, Tiktok Ads, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO can be combined with other strategies to boost your online sales.

How long will it take for my Pinterest Ads to deliver results?

To answer this question properly, we first need to clearly define what constitutes a “result”. Typically, the main goal is to increase visibility and conversion rates. However, the simple fact that your brand stands out on Pinterest, drives traffic to your website, and piques the interest of potential consumers can already be considered a successful first step. After your Pinterst Ads agent launches your campaigns, you could see the first positive results in just a few hours or days.

The successful evolution of your campaigns will depend on several factors, which is why we recommend that you contact us to speak with one of our Pinterest Ads experts directly. They will be happy to provide you with details that are relevant to your unique situation.

Can I manage my Pinterest Ads campaigns myself?

While anyone can set up their own advertising campaigns, it takes skill and experience to fully master Pinterest Ads. That said, the platform is open to everyone, whether you’re an independent seller or a large corporation. As a certified Pinterest Ads agency, we can both design custom campaigns and support businesses who choose to manage their campaigns themselves.

When you work with our agency, you have the freedom to create your own Pinterest Ads campaigns, and the flexibility to call on our expertise at any time. If you prefer, our team can handle the full management of your campaigns for a fully optimized, worry-free strategy.

Can I pause my Pinterest Ads campaign?

At our agency, you have the flexibility to launch Pinterest Ads campaigns without committing to a specific minimum time period. If you choose to pause your ads, whether due to seasonal changes, budget adjustments, or because you’ve reached your target goals, the Pinterest Ads agent overseeing your campaign can temporarily suspend your ads and reactivate them whenever you decide.

Can I choose when to show my Pinterest Ads?

Absolutely. During our first working session together, the specialist in charge of your Pinterest Ads campaign will examine your opening hours and evaluate the best times to boost traffic to your website.

Based on this, we’ll create a content calendar for your ads, which is a proven strategy for making your campaigns as effective as possible. With this approach, your ads will appear at the most opportune moments, when your target audience is most active on the platform.

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