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How to write a product sheet – the complete guide

Last update : 25 November 2020

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For an online store, competing with e-commerce giants is difficult. However, you can maximize your chances and increase your popularity using SEO by writing informative product sheets. A product sheet is an extremely important element to focus on: it refers to the presentation page of a product in your online store and is usually located before the cart. It therefore plays a decisive role in convincing and enticing people with well-crafted descriptions and visuals. Here is a guide that will help you write flawless product sheets and strengthen your e-commerce SEO!

The main elements of a product sheet

When writing your product sheet, you must first list all the important elements to include, which are typically found from one platform to another:

  • Product name
  • Description
  • Dimensions
  • Component parts
  • Instructions for use
  • Prices
  • Reviews and comments
  • Technical specifications

Here is an example of an Ikea product sheet, which includes the basic information necessary to create a good product sheet:

Once you have identified the different sections you want to write in your sheet, rank them with titles and subtitles. Separate them to provide a clear and easily comprehensible presentation. Try to find a standard structure that could be applied to each of your products, so that you adhere to a model that will be unique to your platform. Use short, concise sentences with no spelling mistakes. The rule is simple, like an inverted pyramid: start with the big ideas, then go into more detail and stick to one idea per paragraph. Also, don’t hesitate to change the font and focus on the parts you find important. This is how you will develop a rationale, beyond a simple list of features, that outlines how the client will benefit.

Write a relevant description

The description will be the most anticipated element by your consumers: handle it with care and stand out! You are most likely not the only one selling this product, so be original and use your imagination. Don’t hesitate to personalize it.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes

In order to write a convincing description, targeting the typical customer will be useful; understanding your customers will help you identify what they need, their budget and their requirements. Addressing the buyer directly will make your content more powerful. Use simple keywords and phrases that your consumer would use. If you want to include technical jargon, we recommend that you place it in a section dedicated to this purpose and create a “specs” section for example.

The main goal is to entice and persuade

Since the product sheet combines all the attributes of a given product, it has to make a good first impression: it has to make people buy. Don’t copy the one your supplier gave you. Opt for a unique product sheet that is specific to you and highlight the qualities of your product. Mention details, share your knowledge on the subject and show that you are a credible reseller. Use the right vocabulary and set a tone that reflects the image you want to convey. The choice is yours, as long as you remain consistent with your customers. In short, don’t use a light or funny tone if your customers are looking for technical and specialized products.

Also note that sensory words are very effective. Stimulate the consumer’s imagination with adjectives tailored to your product, referring to the appearance, touch, taste etc. Remember, you are writing for buyers, not robots! Try to seduce them by selling experiences, more than just products. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you can emphasize the texture of your product by using terms such as “smooth” or “fresh”.

Other people’ opinions are important

Social proof also plays a very important role. In the age of social networks and Amazon, the ability to read other people’ reviews has a huge impact on consumers’ buying behaviour. A system of ratings, stars or a shopper’s comment will have a strong impact on your page visitors. The more popular your item is, the more credible it will be and the more sought-after it will be. This marketing technique will therefore be your strongest ally and a powerful promotional tool. This is what Amazon understands, since we can see the star system before even reaching the product sheet:

You can even display your customers’ favourite products on the product sheet using cross selling, a marketing technique that enables the e-commerce platform to offer other superior or complementary products when the buyer is viewing a product sheet. This is a way to increase your sales opportunities.

Your product sheet appearance is just as important

After identifying all the attributes of your product, consumer expectations and your main sales challenges, you will need to choose an eye-catching visual that combines the different features and themes of your sheet.

Choose informative photos

Enhancing a product sheet with photos and illustrations is crucial. Remember that the consumer won’t be able to test your product or have it in hand. The visual will therefore be a means of meeting their needs and capturing their attention. Given that on average an Internet user only reads 20% of online content, photos must provide as much information as possible. Excellent quality photos will be appreciated so that the consumer can get information by zooming in, for example. You can use a professional for these photos, and therefore guarantee the quality of the image. We also recommend putting your product in a realistic situation and being able to view it in its entirety from different angles. Below is an example of the S’well® brand’s flagship product sheet, which has adopted a simple and refined but relatively effective aesthetic. Adapt your product sheets to the style of your platform and the type of products you offer.

You can also include a video

Using a video presentation of your item can also be very effective. However, just like photos, it must be high quality. Don’t worry, a good light, a tripod and a smartphone will do the trick. Demonstrating how your product is used in context will be enough, you don’t have to create an advertising campaign. You decide if the video will be more useful to you, especially with regard to search engines!

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Referencing a product sheet

Even with a good product sheet on your online store, if no one can find it you won’t be in a position to sell it. Try to anticipate and understand the answers the user wants when they visit search engines, and make it one of your SEO strategies. This will prevent them from backing out too quickly and you will get their attention. Ask yourself the right questions:

  • Am I helping the consumer in their search?
  • Am I providing them with relevant information?
  • Am I helping them make a decision?

You will also need to find the right keywords.

The design of your product sheet is also very useful for SEO: photos with text are preferable. This is a sign of quality content, because it shows that your page has been crafted. Also note that the more content you have, the more likely search engines will be to find you and therefore improve your SEO.


You now have all the tools you need to write an expert product sheet!

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