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Client: National Boating Safety School offers the opportunity to obtain the pleasure craft operator card online, which is required for all motorboat operators in Canada. Since 2001, they have been one of the leaders in nautical training, making it simple and accessible for over 2 million Quebecers and Canadians to obtain their boating license.

Mission: The market has several similar offerings. The main challenge was to stand out in an environment where the products offered were relatively homogeneous.

National Boating Safety School chose My Little Big Web due to its reputation in the specialized web marketing field. The goal was to gain visibility and capture a significant market share.

The first short-term objective was to position National Boating Safety School as the second major player in the nautical training sector in Canada. The medium to long-term vision was to expand their presence to the United States.

Strategy and results

To increase the visibility of National Boating Safety School’s website and boost sales, we adopted a dual approach. On one hand, we focused our efforts on search engine optimization (SEO), and on the other hand, we managed advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Meta (Facebook & Instagram).

Regarding SEO, we first conducted a thorough analysis of the website. This step allowed us to detect and correct technical issues, improve user experience (UX) in the purchasing process, and establish priorities for the coming months in terms of SEO. Subsequently, we implemented a strategy aimed at improving the site’s ranking on search engines.

Concerning our advertising campaigns, we leveraged different networks available on Google Ads, including search and display, while on Meta, we deployed campaigns focused on traffic, conversion, and remarketing to enhance their visibility and boost sales. This approach had a significant impact in terms of promoting their products and driving sales growth.

These efforts resulted in a substantial increase in ROAS, with a notable overall rise of 123% (+131% on Google Ads and +90% on Facebook).

In parallel, our development team addressed needs by fixing technical bugs and adding new features to the website. This initiative contributed to an 11% increase in the number of orders on their website and a 16% increase in net revenue generated.

Following our success in Canada, National Boating Safety School is now expanding to the USA and experiencing strong growth in three states. My Little Big Web continues to evolve its strategy, aiming to consolidate its leading position in the Canadian market while expanding its influence in the American market.

Actions taken

Implementation of a multi-pole strategy (SEO, PPC, social networks)

Improved positioning of their website pages

Create new campaigns on Google and Meta

Optimization of advertising spend so that every dollar invested yields a greater return

Development of a content strategy organized by silo to feed the blog

Creating visuals and testing different placements

Resolving website bugs and improving the User Experience

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