Refurbished technology, planet protected.


Recycell stands out in the Canadian market with its unique offering of refurbished phones and tablets. Thanks to an ecological and economical approach, this company meets the needs of a diverse clientele eager to adopt sustainable technological solutions without compromising on quality. A leader in the refurbishment of mobile devices, Recycell gives a second life to gadgets, thereby contributing to the reduction of electronic waste.


Before partnering with My Little Big Web, Recycell aimed to strengthen its online presence and optimize its sales process to reach a wider audience. The main goal was to showcase the diversity and quality of its refurbished products while simplifying the shopping experience for consumers. To achieve these objectives, our Web agency experts developed a custom, user-centric online store, offering intuitive navigation, clear product information, and a simplified ordering process. This project aimed not only to increase Recycell’s online sales but also to promote responsible consumption of electronic devices.

This redesign of the store by My Little Big Web allowed Recycell to solidify its leadership position in the refurbished technology sector, providing its customers with a reliable and engaging platform for purchasing mobile devices, thus contributing to a greener economy

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