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UsiHome is a major player in Canada’s construction industry. As specialists in the manufacture of structural wood systems including roof trusses, floor joists and prefabricated wood walls, this company produces essential components for the construction of homes and businesses. Prefabricated wooden structural elements constitute a major market within the Canadian construction industry, and the product is characterized by high standards of quality, efficiency and durability.

The Challenge

UsiHome’s goal was to improve their online visibility within a highly competitive market. To make this happen, we developed an SEO strategy based on content clusters to optimise search results for the company’s flagship products. Our collaboration with UsiHome began with an in-depth analysis of the company’s unique needs and objectives, and continued with an analysis of the challenges specific to the construction industry and in particular, the market for prefabricated wooden structures in Canada. Our research allowed us to develop a custom strategy to promote UsiHome’s unique market position.

Strategy and results

Before we implemented their new SEO strategy, UsiHome already had an excellent reputation. As a result, 80% of their traffic came from their brand name. To broaden their customer base, we developed a content strategy so that the site would also rank on commercial queries.

By creating several content clusters, we were able to position UsiHome in the top 3 on more than 250 keywords. Today, 20% of their traffic comes from brand name searches and 80% from other organic search queries. Our customer now generates over 70 leads per year via their website, which has become one of their main customer acquisition channels.

We also implemented Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track and optimize site performance.

Actions taken

Product page optimization

Analytics configuration

Monthly reporting and KPI analysis with custom dashboards

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