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Guide to Outsourcing Digital Marketing

18 January 2024 Eugénie Delhaye

Are you tired of juggling different marketing tasks without knowing whether your efforts are getting results? Does the digital marketing landscape seem complex and overwhelming? Are your in-house resources unable to meet the challenge? Outsourcing your digital marketing could be the solution!

Find out how hiring a service provider can help, by giving you time to focus on running your business and adding significant value to your bottom line. The professionals at our Montreal web agency put together this step-by-step guide so you can learn why and how to effectively outsource your digital marketing.

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1. Why outsource web marketing?

There are many advantages to outsourcing your web marketing strategy, in particular for companies looking to optimize resources and save time. Here are 6 good reasons to outsource your digital marketing:

  • Access specialized expertise: By outsourcing your web marketing strategy, you gain access to professionals with expertise in specific areas of digital marketing, such as SEO, social media and content marketing. Outsourcing to qualified experts can also bring a fresh perspective to your strategy.
  • Save time: Companies can save time by outsourcing online marketing. A web marketing agency already has the knowledge and tools to effectively execute a digital marketing strategy, which eliminates the need to devote time to training your employees.
  • Reduce costs: It's often more economical to outsource web marketing than to hire, train and maintain an in-house team.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends: Digital marketing agencies follow the latest trends and best practices in their industry, which guarantees that your business will benefit from cutting edge strategies and tools.
  • Get measurable results: Professional web marketerswill track and measure the success of your marketing investments through detailed reporting and analytics.
  • Flexible and scalable services: Outsourced digital marketing services can be adapted to your company's specific needs. These services are flexible and scalable.

2. How to outsource digital marketing

Now that you are aware of the benefits of outsourcing your web marketing, here's a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Identify your marketing needs: Begin by determining which marketing services you want to outsource. Now is the time to figure out exactly what you need and to define your marketing budget.
  2. Choose a web marketing agency: Do your research and choose a digital marketing agency that can deliver what you want. Consider the agency's level of expertise, understanding of your industry, whether it comes highly referred and any positive or negative testimonials clients have shared. Hiring a freelance marketing expert is also an option.
  3. Define goals and strategies: Work together with your chosen marketing specialists to define clear and achievable objectives, and to come up with one or more digital marketing strategies.
  4. The service provider implements the strategies: This may involve content creation, SEO optimization, social media management, etc;
  5. Monitor and evaluate performance: Regularly monitor and evaluate the results of your web marketing strategy. The agency should provide regular reports on progress and be ready to adjust your strategy as needed to optimize performance.

3. Choosing and managing the right digital marketing partner

You can transform your business with the right web marketing outsourcing partner, but you’ll need to effectively manage your relationship with your chosen agency. Remember, they should be a perfect fit for your industry and corporate culture!

3.1 Choosing the right web agency

Do your research and take the time to consider carefully before committing to a digital marketing outsourcing partner.

Check that the agency you are targeting has a good knowledge of your field and your customers. This is important to developing effective marketing strategies that will be tailored to your company's specific needs.

Transparency is also key. A quality partner must be open and honest about how they work, what they charge, and promised results. It is usually a good idea to review the agency's customer reviews and references to gauge the satisfaction levels of past or existing clients.

Remember that even as an external supplier, the agency needs to be aligned with your company's culture and values so you can benefit from smooth and efficient collaboration that is aligned with your goals and principles.

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3.2 Managing the relationship with your outsourcing partner

The success of your web marketing efforts hinges on how well you handle your relationship with your outsourcing partner. Your relationship should be based on transparency, trust and routine communication. You should meet regularly to discuss progress, challenges and opportunities. Periodic discussions provide an opportunity to adjust strategies, plan future initiatives and identify potential problems before they become major obstacles.

Treat your provider as an extension of your marketing team, and share your business objectives, values and work expectations with the professionals you are relying on.

The better your partner understands your business, the better they'll be able to deliver results that align with your objectives and strengthen your brand. Be open and encourage collaboration to make the most of this relationship and optimize the results of your Web marketing efforts.

3.3 Key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess marketing success

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are vital to evaluating the success of outsourced digital marketing efforts. Your partner agency must provide regular reports on these KPIs, and be proactive in proposing adjustments and improvements to optimize results:

  • Website traffic: The number of visits to your website is a key indicator of the success of your SEO strategy. An increase in traffic generally means that your SEO efforts are bearing fruit.
  • Conversion rate: This is the percentage of visitors who complete a specific action on your website, such as filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, or making a purchase. A higher conversion rate is a sign of an effective digital marketing strategy.
  • Return on marketing investment (ROI): This is the net benefit generated by your web marketing efforts relative to their cost. ROI is one of the most important KPIs, as it directly measures the profitability of your marketing strategy.
  • Reach and engagement on social networks: Reach measures the number of people who see your content on social platforms, while engagement measures the number of people who interact with this content (by liking, sharing or commenting on it, for example). These KPIs are important for evaluating the success of your customer communications strategy.
  • Search engine ranking: Your website's position in the search results on Google and other search engines is a key indicator of the success of your SEO strategy.

4. Risks of outsourcing digital marketing

An agency can offer many advantages, but there are also risks involved in outsourcing your marketing.

Often, a service provider may lack knowledge of your business or sector. Make sure that they are willing to take the necessary time to learn about your business. Clear and effective communication is also an important part of working with an agency; misunderstandings and a lack of clarity can compromise the quality of the work delivered.

Another risk is becoming over-dependent on the service provider. Keep in mind that you will need to maintain a certain level of in-house marketing management to avoid this. If working with an agency involves sharing sensitive information, always verify that they are committed to maintaining high standards of security and confidentiality.

Hidden costs also represent a risk. Be sure that you are aware of all the costs associated with outsourcing to avoid any unpleasant surprises. You can get the most out of outsourcing, with minimal risk, by choosing the right service provider and controlling costs. Committing to an agency that keeps up with recent technological developments and uses the latest tools is also key for successful marketing outsourcing.

My Little Big Web: a reliable digital marketing outsourcing partner

Outsourcing digital marketing can be an excellent way for SMBs to access specialized expertise, optimize their web marketing efforts, and ultimately increase conversion rates and sales. Just remember to weigh the benefits and risks carefully so you can make an informed choice that will truly benefit your company.

At My Little Big Web, we understand the importance of effective web marketing and are committed to providing quality services that meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us via our contact form to learn more about our offers and services.

FAQ Web marketing outsourcing

1. What does outsourcing digital marketing involve?

Outsourcing your digital marketing means entrusting the strategy, planning, implementation and sometimes management of your marketing to an agency or external specialists.

Online marketing includes a wide range of activities including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, social media advertising, email marketing, and paid campaign management (PPC).

By choosing to outsource, you can access the expertise of specialists, benefit from the perspectives of marketing professionals, and save time to concentrate more on your core business.

2. Should you outsource digital marketing or hire an in-house team?

Deciding whether to delegate digital marketing or manage it in-house depends on several key factors: your available resources, your budget, and how much control you want to have at every level of your marketing.

Outsourcing is ideal for companies that lack in-house expertise, as it allows them to access professional digital marketers with diversified skills and have more flexibility. Make a decision by aligning your company’s marketing needs with its operational and financial capabilities.

3. How much does it cost to outsource digital marketing?

The cost of outsourcing digital marketing can vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month, depending on various factors, including the scope of the services being offered, the expertise of the agency, and the goals of your marketing campaign.

Costs may be higher when you use more specialized and experienced service providers.

4. What does outsourcing digital marketing involve for SMBs?

To outsource digital marketing for an SMB, start by defining clear objectives and assessing what you need. Choose an agency with relevant experience that is willing to discuss your strategy and align their services with your goals.

Set a clear budget and draw up a detailed action plan. Communicate regularly to monitor progress, and be ready to continually adjust your strategy based on KPIs.

5. How do you find a digital marketing outsourcing partner?

You can find the right digital marketing outsourcing experts by following simple steps: define what you need, then search online, read reviews and ask for recommendations. Verify that the professionals you are interested in have experience and are knowledgeable. Review their portfolio and schedule a meeting to discuss your goals. Compare offers and rates, evaluate proposed strategies, and make sure you understand the terms of the contract before finalizing a partnership.

6. What should you consider before outsourcing your digital marketing?

Before outsourcing your digital marketing, you need to define your business objectives, set a realistic budget, and carefully select an agency or freelance consultant. Make sure they understand your brand and are willing to maintain clear communication.

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